by Heidi Simmons

The Message: A Guide to Being Human by LD Thompson

For most of us walking this planet, we desire to be good and decent human beings. We want to live in peace, have success and find love. But knowing one’s self well and making the right choices each day has its challenges. It is difficult to live without fear, anxiety or self-doubt in what appears to be an increasingly chaotic world. Finding answers to help us cope and aid us on our journey to a healthier, higher functioning person is not always easy. At the very least, it is a deeply personal commitment.

The Message: A Guide to Being Human (Divine Arts, 236 pages) by LD Thompson is a look into the “Soul” and how it affects your reality.


“Soul” and “reality” in one sentence, did I loose you? I admit when someone starts talking about the soul — I’m skeptical. How can you talk about the soul with any authority when there’s no scientific evidence that human beings even posses such a thing? It’s an enigma, a paradox and the idea is completely, intellectually, nebulous. So discussing the soul can easily become a gimmick, a ruse or manipulation. It can be a scapegoat for contemplating difficult questions and allow for weak answers. And perhaps even a deception.

But please wait and give it a chance. I promise it gets even more interesting.

The definition of soul according to The Message is: “The immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.” This definition is not out of line with other reference material. Some literary sources consider the soul “a complex human attribute that manifests consciousness, serves our emotional, moral and spiritual nature.”

The Message is a well-written and thoughtful book. Thompson’s volume has insights for those willing and interested in spiritual wisdom, mind-body relationship and meaningful connections with others and the greater universe. It is written for those who are ready for change and compelled to honestly look inward. The voice is humble, it is not demanding. It is compassionate, understanding, respectful and hopeful. The voice is not foolish or condescending, nor is it ridiculous or silly. It is sincere wisdom filled with grace and love.

They are not the words of Jesus, the Dali Lama or Gandhi. When I mentioned the “voice” I was not referring to the author’s voice. Thompson spent seven years writing The Message and it is a labor of love, dedication and sacrifice. This is where it gets really interesting. The voice is “Solano” and Thompson channels “Solano.” Solano shares information with Thompson. Solano is not of this earth.

Go ahead and have your knee-jerk reaction. I understand your Judeo-Christian American sensibilities are aghast. So, you want to find peace and harmony, live fully without fear, feel confident about your life and existence on this planet but the channeling aspect makes you stop and say, “ No way! I’m not listening to some alien guy named Solano.” For many of us, channeling seems way too far out to comprehend. That’s completely understandable. Metaphysics can be confusing and frustrating. For me, I can only be sure of two things: life is a mystery and this is a book review.

I found this book helpful and was able to glean information and fit it into my own paradigm. Solano or Thompson, the material is useful and makes sense. I can comfortably incorporate some ideas and felt a genuine sense of peace and freedom as I read sections of the book.

The Message is published as a trade paperback. Its page layout, font and art are clean and Zen-like. It can be read cover to cover or in bits and pieces. There is some unique language and terminology, but it is mostly common sense and practical. There are tools and examples that Thompson himself interjects, making it personal and real. Thompson is careful to separate his voice from Solano’s. There is no Solano idolatry or worship and Solano’s words stand on their own.

LD Thompson is a full-time resident of Palm Springs. He grew up in the Midwest and was raised a Baptist. He knows many have a negative reaction to channeling. He has done what he can to distill the material and make it non-threatening, accessible and inspirational. He does not consider himself possessed or a prophet. It is not a burden but a choice. Thompson believes the information can help people and that is his purpose.

Asked if he is able to incorporate Solano’s teachings into his own life Thompson says, “I try my best. I am a student. When I generate emotions that bring up feelings from the past or concerns about the future, I consider what ‘is’ in this moment and I realize, the past or the future has no real bearing on the present, they are illusionary.”

Being present in the moment, being fully actualized and being part of something greater is being human. Sometimes we need a guide. It may be in the form of a book or it may be in the form of a voice. But the meaning of the message is: Love yourself, love others and then we can change the world. Solano is certainly not the first to say that and I hope he is not the last.

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