By Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

A Mother’s Day Tribute….

I lost my Mom over three years ago. That was a tough time. Our career exposes us to so many tragic calls, what an honor to help those in need. Nothing hurts more and left with a feeling of helplessness than when tragedy hits home.

Mother’s Day is approaching. When I think of all the various ranks in the fire service, not too many can effectively be filled as much as a Mom can.


Moms do not apply for all these positions; they just seem to assume them without complaint. For most Moms they become permanent position. The rest of us can promote or “test out.” Moms do not have that option, even after we are grown and gone. Moms are always there for us!

Look at a few fire service positions below and replace those duties with what your Mom did or does for us. They receive no acting pay or bonuses for these positions. Mom certainly deserves a medal of valor!

Moms are like the:

18-year Rookie (sometimes longer depending on when we leave home) – Mop in hand, doing laundry, dishes, toilets, sinks, showers which always need cleaning – Moms does these with a smile!

Administrative Assistant – Ensures accurate accounting, records, financials, budget, IT specialists, screen calls, allowances issued on time while listening to our stories and how cool we are. Mom always demonstrates patience. Mom also knows just as much as the Chief. He just will not admit it!

Firefighter – Makes morning coffee, cooks, ensures trash cans emptied, the union rep, knows where everything is and in order and blamed for when things fail.

Peer Assessment – Supports us during emotional break downs, difficulties such a break ups, zits, weight gain, did not make the team or any troubling stressors personally (at home) or professionally (at school).

Paramedic – Bee stings, bike accidents, tree falls, scraped knees, stomach aches and assorted boo – boos. Always first on scene to administer first aid!

Engineer/Apparatus Operator – Always on time while safely driving us to school, little league, soccer, music, swim lessons etc. in all sorts of traffic. Is everyone belted in?

Captain – Ensures all household equipment and tools are properly maintained and employees are properly development and nicely dressed – why is your shirt dirty/torn/not tucked in? Please take that t-shirt off and put your nice one on. Who broke this? Who said you can do that? Do this – not that, how many times do I have to tell you… Wait until your Chief (Dad) gets home!

Haz Mat Technician – Diapers, poop, vomit & boogers. Little time for decon. What more can I say here?

Training Officer – Do not put that in your mouth, watch before you cross the street, say please, say thank you, did you do your homework, and did you floss? How can I help?

HR Director – Stop crying, you were not hit that hard, dispute resolution (break up fights), you do not need to go to the Dr., let’s meet and confer (but you are not getting any more allowance), I told you so!

Battalion Chief – Constantly planning, organizing, managing, and supervising the house, guests, family & friends.

Policy Developer – Sets the standards and time for on waking up for school, bedtime, curfew, chores and how to act in front of others. Why? Because it is policy!

Assistant Chief – Fills in when the Chief (Dad) is gone.

Chief – When things go well, they get all the credit. When things go bad, it is Mom’s fault!

So, there you have it. Mom really does it all!

This Mother’s Day take a little time to tell your Mom ‘thank you’ for all the roles and responsibilities taken on for you.

The best gift you can give your Mom is to be a good example to your children and teach them to love, respect and thank their Mom for all that gets accomplished without complaint or overtime!

Would you do all the above without negotiation, extra pay, or a need to meet and confer?

Happy Mother’s Day!