By Michelle Ann Rizzio

The Spirit of Cannabis has inspired Joan of Angels–Desert Hot Springs local artist and visionary. In her current series entitled the Spirit of Cannabis, Joan made the decision to accept the lessons from this plant and express it through her abstract and touching paintings. I had the opportunity to sit down with Joan to discuss her series.

CV Weekly: How did you become compelled to venture into “The Spirit of Cannabis”?

Joan: “Cannabis came in heavy to me as a plant ally who could teach me how to channel it. Dancing images came to me from the plant’s essence and I felt an etheric connection to the Devas around the cannabis plant. Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning “body of light”. I feel many strong feminine energies coming into my sphere with working with this plant and painting its energy.”


CV Weekly: What inspired your first cannabis painting in the series?

Joan: “My long history with cannabis led me to being suggested into painting them, painting them in an alive and vibrant way. These paintings are meant to look multidimensional and express the vibration of this spirit that I’ve spent so much time connecting with in my life.”

CV Weekly: Do you find your cannabis art to be different from what people expect?

Joan: “Yes, I feel it’s more abstract, visionary, complex, and coming from a sense of movement. I like that some of my paintings in the series have come out very meditative and have been showing me truly that cannabis is more than just the culture we have created surrounding it. I like to think my series captures that. It’s feel good art. You don’t have to smoke it to experience the euphoria!”

CV Weekly: As a member of the baby boomer generation, how do you experience the revolution of cannabis in our society?

Joan: “On the one hand it is so freeing and empowering, so exciting, so much to look forward to. I am mostly excited about the lifestyle benefits when incorporating cannabis into your daily regimen. I’m dipping my toes into experiencing the plant first hand in my own backyard now that it is legal for me to grow a little friend. On the other hand, I am angry that it was criminalized and taken out of our society the way it has. I am angry that so many have been put into prison for this plant and that the medicinal benefits have been held from us for so long. It’s so strange to see all the seniors in the dispensaries! They are finding true free relief for the first time.”

CV Weekly: Where can view your art?

Joan: “Locally you can see it in Desert Hot Springs at the Miracle Springs Resort and Spa and The Microbuddery on Pierson. I’d love to have my paintings in more dispensaries around the Coachella Valley and beyond. My paintings have also been adapted into wearable art which can be found at If you are on facebook and would like to stay in touch with me please join my FB group — 420 Spiritual Living.”

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