Palm Springs High School’s “Spirit of the Sands” Marching Band and Visual Corps are making headlines again.  According to the Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUSD) website, “A new documentary by Katy and Sam Wilkerson tells the story about Palm Springs High School’s Spirit of the Sands Band’s participation in the PS Pride Parade — likely the only high school marching band in the country performing in a pride parade. The film has been submitted to film festivals around the world and will premier at the American Documentary Film Festival here in Palm Springs in April.” A link to the film’s trailer can be found here:

The Spirit of the Sands Marching Band and Visual Corps received gracious praise for choosing to march in the PS Pride Parade. As you will hear in the film’s trailer, many residents of Palm Springs and across the valley gave a tearful thank you for showing support. The act of PSHS band and visual corps helps lighten our future with tolerance and acceptance in these young students.  Sam Wikerson states on his website, “In the fall of 2006 Palm Springs High School band director Brian Ingelson decided that it was time for his marching band to perform in the Palm Springs Pride Parade. Seven years later, what started out to be a controversial decision, has become one of the bands most meaningful performances of the year. Not only for the students marching in the parade but, for the tens of thousands of Pride Parade spectators.” The attendance of the marching band and visual corps gave a huge positive statement to the community of Palm Springs and our Coachella Valley. Well done PSHS band and visual corps, you truly are the “Spirit of the Sands” here in our Valley.