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We all know them. We’ve all been taught by them. Teachers – whether those at elementary, middle, high school, college, or university. They exist, and they exist globally. Without them, we wouldn’t know about history, geography, science, how to write, how to add or subtract, nor how to be an upstanding citizen. These teachers deserve a lot of respect from you and I. Why? Because they sacrifice a great deal to share with us all the things we need to know to get started in life.

The purpose of this column is to entertain. Yes, but it is also to shed light upon the educators within our local schools.

How do teachers do what they do? Why do they do what they do? And, more importantly, with the acquired knowledge that they have gained throughout their schooling, are they able to teach each other a thing or two when it comes to teaching others?


Despite the tongue-twister in the aforementioned paragraph, The Teacher’s Corner is a whimsical column in which our local ‘secret teacher’- Sir Lost-A-Lot shares with us his teaching life, and tricks-of-the-trade that may be of assistance to others in his chosen field.

Before we officially begin, let us give kudos to our local teachers within the Fallbrook area and its surrounding communities. Without your hard work, knowledge, and dedication to your job, our children, and the children of the future would not obtain the information necessary to become contributing citizens of society. Teachers near and far, a heartfelt – “thank you”.

Day One in the Life of Sir Lost A Lot

I woke up this morning to yet another cold winter’s morn’ in Fallbrook. Despite the chill, I gather a glimpse of sunshine rays seeping from the curtains of my bedroom window, very much typical of Southern California. I must admit, it’s a little too sunny for my liking. A little more overcast, and a little more rainfall will do just fine for me.

Allow me to let your readers know that I am not a Southern Californian resident from birth. No, I happen to have relocated to the United States from oversees – England to be exact. I have been compared to the legendary Sir Lancelot from the fabled knights at the round table for decades. It’s probably due to my heroism. Now, you might ask, why heroism? My answer, I am a full-time high school teacher. Enough said.

My day typically begins at 5am when I wake regularly from a perfectly wonderful night’s sleep. I wish I could sleep at least two hours longer. Yet, I need to make certain that my days’ classes are all prepped and ready to be administered. Not to mention, the fact that I may encounter traffic on the way to school, or that I might have forgotten to grade a paper (or two) the night before, and due to the fact that I must arrive at school ahead of my students.

With my hot coffee in a take-out Starbucks paper cup in my car cup holder, I take the morning drive to my facility of education. As I gaze out the window and marvel at the gorgeous mountain ranges that crest my Western-most views, I daydream about the weekend. In five long days from now, I will gain a reprieve from my weekday duties, and have at least one full day to commit to my wife and I, and enjoy the splendor of our glorious outdoors. Yet, today [and for the remaining five of this week] my focus and dedication must be given to those students whom have been placed beneath my tutelage.

For those of you entertaining the concept of becoming an educator – in this [my very first column] I will share the importance of meal, sorry – class prepping.

Personally, I like to plan for class the night before the day-of. I must get myself into the mood to do so – because it does take some effort. I simply gaze into the mirror, take a long and hard stare into my own eyes. Sometimes, I even scare myself. I repeat these words, “This is your job. Fail, and you will not only fail your students, you will fail your family – because you will be fired – and then what? What is an educator by heart then to do, if his or her profession is suddenly swept away like a piece of trash on a sidewalk, in a town whose attention to detail is of highest priority? You will be thrown away, forgotten, and recycled abruptly and without remorse. This is not what I want for you Sir Lost A Lot. Better get to planning. Better set those three hours aside. That movie, that game, that dinner at a restaurant with my wife aren’t that important. I can do that on Saturday. The students must come first at this moment”.

I hope that by sharing the tools I use to motivate myself to sit down and start class prepping will help you find that motivation to never shirk it, but always do it to perfection – as if your career depended upon it.

Till next time … Don’t get lost.

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