An intensive two-day youth leadership program that teaches leadership, communication, problem solving, teamwork, social skills, coping skills and the importance of community service. Students spend time with highly trained adult and youth facilitators experiencing leadership in such a way that they can take the learning and apply it to real-life situations.  During the conference students concentrate on identifying and solving real-life school, personal and community problems and leave with an action plan. *

*  Students create action plans using the problem-solving method taught at the conference. Plans are safe, realistic and students can enact immediately upon leaving the event. 

Ongoing Leadership Training After the Conference

The conference is a “Kick-Off” to year-round leadership programming. Students who attend the conference can continue with ALA’s Junior Leader Training program that meets every six weeks.  This program challenges students to expand and apply their learning in leadership and service to their community. They have opportunities to earn leadership pins for demonstrating leadership traits, sound problem solving, applying courage in life situations, and the use of angelic partners in activities related to health, money, relationships, and school.


Junior Leaders are active in the annual “Kick-off” conference. This gives them real life experience with building relationships, communication, and finding positive solutions. ALA has found that students respond best when taught by their peers. This is essential to what makes the conference a success!

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