By Esther Sanchez

From the pine covered peaks of Idyllwild, Throw the Goat has been spreading their infectious, hard-rock grooves throughout the desert empire and picked up a new drummer on the way. With their latest release, “Vote Goat” making ROCKwell UnScene Magazine’s list of “the best 16 albums of 2016” along with bands like Primus and Megadeth, and an international tour in the spring, TTG is looking towards a seemingly bright future and I for one am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for their rapidly growing army of fans. Last time I saw them perform was at the 9th Annual Concert for Autism at The Tack Room and they packed the dance floor and brought the house down. They truly were one of the highlights of the event.

Solid musicians and genuinely nice dudes, Michael Schnalzer, (Bass, Lead Vox) and Brian “Puke” Parnell (Guitar, Vox) have been rocking stages from So-Cal to Europe since 2011 and when they found themselves in the market for a new drummer they reached out to Coachella Valley’s own, Troy Whitford whose skills clearly have put him in high demand considering the fact that he is also a member of two of the desert’s most popular bands, 5th Town and The Sweat Act.
Whitford: “I was already a big fan of these guys when they asked me to join. It was kind of a no-brainer for me and I became determined to make it work one way or another.”

Parnell: “We met Troy watching him play with The Sweat Act, which is an amazing band that Michael and I both love. We played shows together and were already fans when we became friends so when the time came when we needed a drummer it just made sense.”


It has not always been smooth sailing for the hard-rock trio. As is typical with many bands, they have gone through some ups and downs with band members who didn’t work out.

Schnalzer: “We started out as a four-piece and became a three-piece out of necessity. Since then we have done some tours. We have played throughout the US, the UK and Costa Rica. We’ve also released 2 albums and an EP.”

While hanging out with TTG at the kick-ass, mountain cabin shared by Parnell and Schnalzer I asked them what motivates them over the hurdles that can come with making a band successful.

Schnalzer: “Brian and I were talking about this the other day. I have to play music. Plain and simple! It’s what keeps me sane and the only thing that helps the world make sense.”

Parnell: “I have been playing with this guy for five years and can pretty much guarantee that we are both better people because of music.”

Don’t miss Throw The Goat this weekend, Jan 21st at The Hood Bar and Pizza in Palm Desert where they will melt all of the faces along with Perishment, Bridger and Murkocet for Murkocet’s CD release party. For more info on upcoming shows and to check out their videos, etc. follow TTG on facebook.

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