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Occasionally, rumors circulate concerning individuals that take the time and effort to, “go the extra mile”. 


What is the extra mile? 

Going the extra mile, as societally defined, is when one does more than what has been asked – and without pay. The term “go the extra mile” can best be described as an example; if you were paid to sweep a floor, would you also clean the windows? The answer for most is, “no”. However, if an individual was to “go the extra mile” they might also clean the windows – even if they are not paid to do so.

In the expansive, yet consistently volatile world of real estate, realtors and brokers endure far more resistance than they do acceptance. As a result, many (and sadly), refrain from, “going the extra mile”. But let us not be too quick to draw the jagged sword of judgement upon this motivation and slash the throats of the purveyors of the deed exchange. Real estate is a
double-edge sword whose cut can injure a broker or agent, on occasion so deeply that any hope of a moral and ethical resurrection is reduced to – but a dream

Real estate can be summarized as follows: A client is presented to do business on a sale or purchase. A transaction is introduced by the realtor/broker. An offer is written. An offer is rejected. Another property is identified after copious hours of property searching – but it’s not good enough for the client. The realtor/broker commences another property search. Enter another realtor or broker willing to assume a much lower commission from the client. The client severs communication with the original realtor/broker, and all said realtor/broker’s time and effort are never financially compensated. When considering the aforementioned, one might presume that any realtor or broker might become callous, jaded, and in-turn morph into being someone that no one finds agreeable to work with [we all know the type]. If that person only focused on self; self-gain and self-gratification, everyone else to this person is merely an afterthought. The thought of doing any additional work without compensation or “going the extra mile” never caresses their mind. 

Reality dictates that all realtors and brokers go through the above. Real estate is unequivocally a proverbial minefield laden with booby-traps waiting to erupt and steal the soul of the one wielding the “Department of Real Estate License”. For those of you who may not be familiar with the inner doings of real estate, lawsuits and real estate are virtually synonymous. “He said! She said! I want more. I want you to lower your commission. You lied!”, and so on. Can you imagine existing within a profession where these sorts of events transpire on an almost daily basis? Kudos to those who can muster the intestinal fortitude to swim within the sludge of the putrid boggy pit. What is however remarkable is when we hear accounts of a particular realtor/broker that manages to extract the moral and ethical strength to plow through the minefield with consistency, remain unscathed, and continually, “go the extra mile” no matter the obstacles that may appear upon the journey.

Michael Valerio has been one of the Coachella Valley’s highest performing realtors since the beginning of the new millennium, and always “goes the extra mile”. Michael boasts real estate’s prestigious, “Rookie of the Year Award”, “4 Diamond Award Winner”, a staggering average production rate of 75 home sales per year. He is ranked number “7” in the country by his broker, HomeSmart Professionals, and is voted by Palm Springs Life Magazine, “Realtor of the Year” three years in a row: 2019, 2020, and 2021. Michael’s passion for real estate is unbridled, and significantly enhanced by his ethics, morals, and common decency. 

As a younger man, Michael’s dedication to others was apparent. He enrolled in the U.S. military and spent several years serving our country. Being a member of the service, and having been exposed to so much inequality, birthed a harmonious rhyme within Michael early in life to want to give back to others – no matter the cost or lack-their-of financial reimbursement. It comes as no surprise that Michael is passionately involved with Shining Stars Hero: The Home Buying Program

Shining Stars Hero assists local “heroes” to purchase homes. You may be wondering, who is considered a “shining star”. The list includes veterans, active-duty military, law enforcement, educators, first responders, and healthcare workers. Although in Michael’s and our opinion, everyone is a “shining star”, no matter the vocation. 

Shining Stars Hero program assists anyone identifed within the above vocations in receiving discounts on real estate, mortgage loans, home insurance, and home inspections. 

If you are interested in the Shining Stars Hero program, know of anyone who might be, or are looking to purchase or sell residential real estate, Michael Valerio can be reached at: 760.712.5948. Alternatively, you may visit Michael’s website at:

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