Eleni Austin’s Top Picks from 2017

What were your top 3 Albums of the Year?

Rick Shelley- Hope Wrapped In Razor Wire, Ani DiFranco-Binary and Derrick Anderson- A World Of My Own

Top 3 Singles of the Year?


Sharon Jones “Rumors, “Robert Plant “Carry On” & Chris Price “Stop Talking”

Top 3 Breakout Artists/Bands of the Year?

Bedouine, Rick Shelley, Adobe Collective

Top Concert of the Year?

Elvis Costello at the Greek Theatre.

What artist surprised you the most this year?

Jimmer Podrasky

What artist disappointed you the most this year?


Top 3 Local Bands/Artists of the Year?

Rick Shelley, Teddy Quinn, Son Of The Velvet Rat

Favorite Local Concerts/Music Events?

Jasmine Rodgers & Rick Shelley, Dali’s Llama and Adobe Collective.

Jason Hall’s Top Picks from 2017

Top 3 Albums of the year?

Fever Ray – Purge, L.A. Witch– L.A. Witch, Run The Jewels – RTJ3

Top 3 Break out artist of the Year?

Superorganism. I’ve only heard “Something For My Mind,” but I love it.

All Souls. Look them up!

Purterbator. Satanic 80’s synth.

Top Concerts of the year?

Desert Daze. Sleep, earthlings?, Jesika Von Rabbit, Deap Vally, JJUUJJUU, Iggy Pop, John Cale… need I say more?

Desert Generator. Brant Bjork, Earthless, Orchid, The Shrine, Yawning Man, and Black Rainbows. SO MUCH FUZZ!

BOC benefit. Mojave Lords, Mark Lanegan, Chris Goss, surprise Nick Oliveri performance, and super surprise Eagles Of Death Metal set!

Super-secret Fireball Ministry show that may or may not have happened, but if it did happen, I was there.

RTC Mobile Vinyl opening show. I got all of my favorite local bands to play and got Sean Wheeler to MC.

Black Pussy and Waxy at The Hood. Both bands sounded amazing. Even with a random dude doing sound.

What artist surprised you the most this year?

All Souls. Tony Tornay’s new band is unbelievably good.

earthlings?. I always loved them, but their Desert Daze performance was perfection.

Jessika Von Rabbit. Her full band brought new levels of awesomeness to her show.

What artist disappointed you the most this year?

QOTSA. The new album Villains. Still great, just not as good as expected.

LCD Soundsystem. Just wow. Complete crap out of the speakers with the new album.

Top 3 Best Local Bands?

You Know Who. Come on… you really do know who.

The Hellions – Almost 20 years of straight up butt kicking Rock n Roll.

Tribesmen – mind blowing instrumental band of younger dudes from Coachella. Their set at Campout was the best set at the show.