1. Cravings

I work with a lot of people that are self-proclaimed sugar addicts and they think it’s impossible that they’ll ever be free of it but my approach gets them craving free.  There are mixed feelings in the Keto space about using keto friendly sweeteners.  Some say no.  I say yes.  It will help you cope with cravings then you can decide if you want to go completely sugar free after you’ve built a strong keto foundation.

Also, avoid time online looking at keto dessert recipes. It will trigger your cravings.  Do spend time online looking for healthy keto recipes.  Eating foods that are delicious and you love make the keto lifestyle satisfying.

Learn to manage your cravings, find healthy keto substitutes and change your mindset. (I have lots of diet hacks and tips to make this easier)

  1. Not Losing on Keto

People find me when they are frustrated with Keto.  They still believe in it but aren’t sure what to do to make it work for them. They aren’t losing weight, or they stopped losing weight and then are beginning to lose their motivation. The truth is that keto is not a one size fits all diet. There’s no one approach that works for every single person.

So, you need to have multiple measures of success. What does that mean? I want to see labs at the start and we’re going to check those again at the end, and we’re going to be able to see improvements on the inside of your body, your waist measurement, take photos, your skin may change and clear up or you may get off blood pressure medication.  If you don’t have multiple measures of success their eyes will only be focused on the scale then all they want to see is the number go down every single week, every single day. And if it doesn’t, they give up quickly and easily. So sometimes the scale does not go down every single week. Then the next week it may go down 2-3 pounds and you’ve lost inches.  It’s also important to measure other non-scale victories as well such as improvement in your energy, your mental clarity, body aches, bloating, stomach upset and more.

It’s rewarding to keep a journal of these things, keep track of them, measure all the things that are getting better, your blood pressure, your blood glucose numbers, etc. It’s helpful to have an expert that is experienced in this to coach you through those times when the scale is not moving.  You don’t ever need to have a keto stall.

  1. Not Doing it Correctly

People fail on keto because they are doing it wrong. People may say I tried keto, and I had blah, blah, blah, blah, blah happen and it didn’t work.  This is another reason why it’s worth investing in an expert to guide you and get you started properly, or course correct if you have stumbled.

Some common side effects are:  constipation, muscle cramps, lightheaded, dizziness, sleep, disturbances, heart palpitations, hunger, etc.  How do you deal with this? If you’ve tried Keto try again with the support of somebody who knows what they’re doing and you won’t have to have any of these issues.

There are solutions to Keto properly.  If you’ve struggled with Keto please reach out to me for a free consult. You may be confused about how to Keto properly to get lasting results. Or, you’ve had results and Keto stopped working for you. As a Keto Coach I can make it easy, effective and jumpstart your progress. There are lots of ways to Keto, let’s find out what works best for you.

Michelle Borthwick is a Keto Lifestyle Coach and Customization Expert  – Breakthrough approaches to Keto to unlock confidence, increase willpower, and  guarantee weight loss.

Michelle offers expert Diet Hacks for quick weight loss, Small group sessions, Private sessions.  Michelle teaches women how to fall in love with Keto by doing it their way so they can embrace and sustain a healthy lifestyle.    Find out more at Mention you are a CV Weekly Reader when you book your free 30 minute private consultation to talk about Keto.