By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

What if you had access to a Universal Bank of Wisdom that contained the answers to all of your burning questions? What if you were able to retrieve knowledge with ease to help yourself overcome the greatest of challenges?

This Universal Bank of Wisdom actually exists AND, the best part? You have unrestricted access to it. You are entitled to draw from this bank of wisdom upon request. It sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not, and here’s why:

The Universal Bank of Wisdom is more commonly referred to as the “Collective Consciousness”. You have probably heard the term but if you’re confused as to what it means, you are not alone.


The collective consciousness is much like the cloud or more specifically, like a big, collective brain belonging to all of humanity. All human beings are connected without exception. It is a compendium of our individual thoughts, experiences, wisdom, communications…and the list goes on. We have all shared in populating this collective library.

We can intentionally connect with the collective consciousness and ask to receive answers, or support for anything that challenges us. We are not dependent on special equipment, or internet speed to receive and transmit, and it doesn’t matter how technology savvy we are (or are not) when we are looking to tap into the collective consciousness. We are simply connected because we are members of the human race having a collective experience together.

The concept of “getting” something for seemingly little effort is not what we are used to! It defies societal norms. It’s important to understand, in this case, that you are participating in an energy exchange even though it feels as if you are getting without giving. You have been depositing unique and valuable information into this field your whole life. Just by living and breathing on this planet, you are contributing to this massive collective library. You have already given enough to balance any request you make with conscious awareness from now until the end of life. So, ask your questions, ask for support, ask for collective wisdom and know in your heart that you are entitled to receive it with grace and ease.

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