Dear Jenny,

I have heard from a few different people that water is very good in Feng Shui.  Does it matter where I put the water and if it’s running or not?

Water is one of the five elements of Feng Shui.  So it is a very important part of our lives and how we live.  The correct Feng Shui flow and occurrence of water often means extreme good fortune that manifests as wealth and prosperity.  So, good water brings money and bad water takes money away.  Water is also one of the two components of Feng Shui, the other being wind. For that reason, when water is placed in harmony with the winds, good fortune comes about.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Water in Feng Shui

Water is a very important, auspicious element in Feng Shui, always being slow moving and clean.  Rivers that meander gently past in full view of the main door, they are said to be excellent.  Rivers that meander evenly across flat land are more auspicious than those that run fast, possibly running into waterfalls or rapids.  Rivers that flow past one’s home should never be straight, nor should they appear to be aimed at one’s building, in Feng Shui nothing should ever be aimed at anything, especially not at you.  Water should always “embrace” the home, not shoot at the home.  When a river seems to flow directly toward the main door of a house, that is not a good sign.  It is also believed that water should never flow behind a home or a building as this signifies missed opportunities.  This configuration signifies that while opportunities for advancement and success may be plentiful, it will be difficult for residents to take advantage of these opportunities.  As a result, when a river flows behind a building, the Feng Shui is not favorable.  Another general rule about water is that it should not appear to be flowing away from the home.  If the water is flowing away, it is a sign of loss.

​Water inside the dwelling such as a water fountain, should always be running.  It signifies wealth going out and wealth coming back.  If it is not running all the time it signifies money that is all dried up!  Please make sure that it is always running and always clean, and then fresh new opportunities will be coming your way.  If the fountain is broken, don’t spend too much time trying to fix it, just throw it away and get a new one.  If the fountain is outdoors, it should always be working correctly; never should there be any sort of a leak!  Make sure it is always turned on and if there are fish inside, it is all the more prosperous!

*The sinks inside the home, kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks, should always have plants next to them.  Even though they supply clean fresh water, they also have drains, and the drains are draining the Chi.  There needs to be a wood element such as a plant near the drain, to stop the Chi from draining and use it for growth.

Since we are on the topic of bathrooms, can you make sure that the toilet seat is always down?   Having it up will only eliminate your Chi.

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