By Jenny Wallis

Ask Jenny Now is not only a Relationship Advisor and a Life Coach, but also a company that provides consultations on Feng Shui.  Here are some commonly asked questions and concerns that she comes across while working with clients.  Perhaps, they can help you as well and answer some of your questions.

What is Feng Shui?  Isn’t it only a superstition?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that is over three thousand years old. It offers a variety or practical and simple ideas to improve your quality of life.  It has been said, that it is can help in harmonizing both working and living environments.

The actual definition is Feng=Wind  Shui=Water

Everything that happens in this universe is because of the behavior and interaction of energy. Feng Shui helps us to have better control of that energy, so that things around us can work together more positively.

Good Feng Shui can mean good health, happiness and wealth, while bad Feng Shui can mean bad luck or misfortune.

Jenny, what is Chi?  Is it important?

Spoken in the Chinese language Chi means living energy or universal energy, the Sanskrit word is Prana, but the meaning is the same.

Feng Shui operates on the principle that harnessing the Chi of our surroundings improves the flow of Chi around us and in our bodies and that will enhance our health, wealth, and happiness.

Chi flows through the veins of the earth, giving life to land, trees, and streams. It is often interpreted as electromagnetic energy, but magnetic fields only make up a part of this spiritual force that is present everywhere.

What is the mouth of Chi?

The front entryway to your home is called the Mouth of Chi because it is the place where nourishing energy enters your home.  Even if you normally use a different door, you should make it a point to use your front door at least once a day.  If you go in and out through the garage or another door most of the time, the chi around the front door will get stale.  And stale energy breeds more stale energy.

Here are some ways to increase the energy around your Mouth of Chi:

  • Turn on the exterior light beside or over the front door for a few hours every evening, which will help to attract chi to your home and keep the energy strong.
  • Make sure that your doormat is clean, that your doorbell works, and that any metal features such as a brass knocker or house numbers are polished and shiny.
  • Increase the interior lighting in a dark entryway; make sure to turn it on for at least a couple of hours every day.
  • Potted plants beside the front door, especially blooming varieties, are a good way to enhance this area.
  • Anything that gets in the way of the front door is a Feng Shui no-no, so please don’t use the space behind or around it as a storage area no matter how convenient it may seem.

*A wind chime hung beside the front door or at the top of your porch steps will help to disperse any negative or overly strong chi before it hits your front door.

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