By Aimee Mosco

Your body is a message delivery center. It receives communications from your soul and then lets you know that you have mail. The alert comes in the form of a sensation or event in your body. The message markers can be subtle, or they can be intense, depending on the urgency or weight of the communication.

Your physical body reflects your energetic structure, meaning that it mirrors your beliefs, thoughts and emotions as a physical, tangible expression. You can’t see or touch a belief, a thought, or an emotion. Your body brings the energies you can’t see and touch to a heightened level of awareness. When you feel a pain in your body or you experience illness, you can’t help but notice.

It is important to recognize that all unseen parts of you are connected in a deep and profound way. When pain, and physical dysfunction materialize in your body, a higher part of you is speaking to your consciousness and telling you that something is out of alignment with your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, or all of the above. When you begin to look deeper at these subtle, non-physical energies as the basis for your physical discomfort, you gain a deeper understanding of why these issues materialize.


To give an example: You often have a dry and scratchy throat. As you explore the function of your throat as a representation of your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, you may realize that your throat allows you to speak clearly or not. When you have a sore throat, it hurts to talk. As you reach back and reflect on your beliefs about speaking your truth, you may realize that you believe what you have to say isn’t of value to others. You might think that what others have to say is more important. You may then feel insecure about speaking up. The manifestation of a scratchy throat, in this case, provides an opportunity for you to realize in a more conscious way, that not speaking your inner truth is harmful to all parts of your being.

Once you understand the underlying communication of the physical pain or dysfunction, the message no longer serves a purpose. This is not to say that your body pains or dysfunction will go away because your physical body still needs to be cared for, but if you take action to shift your beliefs, thoughts and emotions back into alignment with your soul, you will support, maximize, and possibly accelerate your physical healing process in a very profound way.

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