Life offers many twists and turns.  When one door closes another opens.  Often one door must close enabling a new experience to commence. Intermittently we fear ending one segment of our lives due to the unknown of what may occur.  If you shift your mindset you may be able to become excited about what is to come.  Preserving an open-heart and mind will ease the transition. 

You will find peace if you live by the philosophy of maintaining both an open-heart and mind.  When I think something isn’t going to come together I’m pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  I refer to these last minute miracles as blessings.  I decided that I would transform my thinking.  Converting my thoughts, I have

chosen to believe that I deserve to live an abundant life.  Our thoughts dictate so much of where we are heading.  When referencing an abundant life I am not suggesting tangible items.  My abundance will derive from my faith, as well as from within and from those whom I choose to be a part of my life. 


Any one person can choose to live with fulfillment.  According to Wikipedia, to live “more abundantly” refers to having an abundance of a thing.  “Abundant life” refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for mind, body, and soul.  Many people suffer from a lack of self-esteem, motivation, emptiness and dissatisfaction.  One may be motivated to seek change in their life if they are experiencing such feelings. 

Desiring an “abundance mentality” can propel you to success versus failure.  Consider altering your thoughts as to how something can work versus what

cannot be accomplished.  You need to believe there are resources available to achieve your goals.  Approach every scenario positively.  If the outcome does not meet your expectations find the positive in the circumstance.  This is the power of maintaining and establishing a resourceful mentality. 

Here are a few tips to enhance your abundance mentality:

*Read, listen or watch motivational speakers.  Maintain a journal and write down your positive thoughts.  Commit to the desire of enhancing your personal growth. 

*Assist in helping others prosper.  Encourage others to try something new so their self-esteem may flourish.  Teach others what you know.  Share your wealth of knowledge. 

*Construct a goal sheet.  Reference your goals often.  When you accomplish one goal commence adding to your list. 

*Read a daily devotional.  This may assist in setting the tone for your day.  Write down a daily affirmation and reference it throughout your day. 

*Join a group of like-minded people.  Or, create a support group where you share your ideas with others who will elevate you to greater heights. 

Think outside the box.  If you can see it, you can do it. You will achieve greater success when choosing to live a life of abundance. 

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga in La Quinta, CA and and 760-564-9642 (YOGA)