By Elizabeth Scarcella

This painful realization is what set both Aimee Mosco and myself on a long and arduous quest for self-discovery…only to conclude that in healing ourselves we have a unique opportunity to help others heal as well. During this process, accomplished separately, we both recognized that the road to Happiness is paved by stops made at the junction of gratitude and forgiveness with a whole bunch of love fueling us along the way. We would come to understand we are unable to Awaken to Our Best Self Yet…until we can develop the ability to apply these essential tools…Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love.

You may have noticed that now, more than ever, people are flocking to the self-discovery movement; innately recognizing that the right teacher will appear, now that the student is ready. For most, like Aimee and me, it takes a tragedy, illness or some other unforeseen calamity to usher us in the direction of Awakening. It is in this ushering that we all gather, creating Unity, standing for what is possible, instead of accepting a ho-hum existence.

Since the inception of this column, you have been and will continue to be introduced to those that have chosen to Awaken, as they share their stories of overcoming adversity. In addition, you will now also be presented the essential tools needed to create a life filled with Happiness and thus…Purpose. We learn best by modeling. Therefore, it is our intention to demonstrate HOW to create an Awakened, Happy, Purpose-Driven life, as we have created for ourselves.


These essential tools will be taught through excerpts from Aimee’s books…beginning with book #1 in the 4 part series. We will be discussing the concepts of the book and guide you with exercises designed to assist in creating a life of your dreams. For a more in depth discussion, please watch our video series on You Tube at We look forward to serving you as you as you chose to Evolve through Love.

Elizabeth Scarcella, author, actor and activist, is dedicated to helping others find health in all aspects of life. A lifestyle counselor and wellness expert, Elizabeth can help you awaken to your best self yet. For more information, find her at

Aimee Mosco, author, Certified Reiki Master and Co-founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC., teaches her healing system and works as an intuitive healing facilitator. Aimee’s passion for helping others inspired the collaborative project and global healing movement, IHS Unity. For more information, find Aimee at