What would you say if one of the world’s most ethical and admired companies that was rated as one of the 100 best companies to work for was coming to town and looking to hire?

Whole Foods Market is that company. With a Grand Opening scheduled for September 22nd, they are actively looking to hire people who are passionate about great food. Ideal candidates are also passionate about the communities they live in, how we treat our planet and our fellow humans and want to bring this passion into the workplace to make a difference.

Whole Foods believes that their team members make the company successful by being who they are. Whole Foods management team is also known for saying that without their team members, Whole Foods would be “just four walls and food.”
Go to www.wholefoodsmarket.com/careers if you want to see what jobs are available locally. As we get closer to the opening date, more and more jobs will populate their website.

Always wanted to see your family recipe on a grocery store shelf? ShareKitchen is proud to be working with Whole Foods in the identification and development of local food entrepreneurs. If you want to know more, drop us a note at share@ShareKitchen.org or call us at 760.459.4259.


Businesses like Whole Foods set a great example for the rest of the retail industry. Not only do they promote health and wellness through the products that they sell but they become involved in the communities that they serve. By sourcing locally from homegrown food entrepreneurs, Whole Foods is helping to grow the local economy in the places where they operate.

ShareKitchen is a community economic empowerment program founded on the simple philosophy of sharing. For more information on ShareKitchen, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, please go to www.ShareKitchen.org.

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