By Lisa Morgan

Even if this band wasn’t wonderfully unique, even if their lyrics weren’t catchy while still maintaining depth and integrity, and even if their songs weren’t musically crafted and produced with an ear that has the potential to rival T Bone Burnett or Mutt Lang, I would still crank this band’s music loud and proud and in stereo just because they are so gosh darn likeable!
It is almost impossible for me to dislike any band that can echo the influences of bands like Passion Pit and The Killers with just a dash of Depeche Mode.  But while obviously influenced by these bands, Tramps in Stereo manages to capture the synth-pop/rock and Flowers-vocal-esque without abandoning their own identity and proudly bringing their own creative offerings to the table.
The musical exploits of Jesse “Vaz” Vasquez, “Brettpop” Custodio and Bobby “Valenz” Valenzuela did not begin as Tramps in Stereo, but as the band “The Craze” in early 2001. After a great run in small clubs and some radio success, and even some label recognition, the threesome disbanded to pursue individual musical endeavors. “Without a doubt, our musical chemistry proved to be unbreakable.” After 4 years, Jesse Vasquez, Brett Custodio and Bobby Valenzuela reunited as the band “Tramps in Stereo”. With each member bringing their own experience and musical growth to the table, a new style of music was created.  According to singer/songwriter, Jesse Vaz, “It’s like we hit a time travel button. We got together and started working like as if we never stopped. Only now, the confidence and ideas are so fresh and cutting edge!” As they were creating a new album, new members Nick “Keys” Humphrey and Dani White joined the group bringing more influence and adding to the band’s creative strength. Jesse’s creative song writing, along with the rest of the band’s musical insight, has developed a new, unique musical sound. After two years, Tramps in Stereo is ready to release their first album.
The Tramps in Stereo album is a truly “independent” album that was written, produced and funded by the band itself.  Their music reflects their personality:  honest, driven by the desire to create good, original music, and intelligent in its construction and sound.  Their music, like its creators, has integrity because it is not produced for the sole purpose of monetary gain.  “I’m not trippin’ on getting famous or making a bunch of money.  I just want to play,” says front man Jesse, who can’t recall exactly how young he was when he learned guitar or piano, because he can never remember NOT playing.  “If we can make a little bit of money, we’ll just put it back into the band.”
June 15th, the Coachella Valley AMFM Festival is bringing Tramps in Stereo along with other artists and art lovers from around the globe! Tramps will be performing with the lovely “Lindsay Goodman” singer on “It comes and it Goes”.  Also guesting that day, adding an insanely beautiful string element, is viola player, Julie Echeverria who doubles as a school teacher at Landmark Middle School in Moreno Valley.

You can listen to Tramps in Stereo and follow them on Facebook at or check out their website at