By Nadia Popova

We jog, we lift weights, we do yoga, we walk, and so much more. But for those of you who have made fitness a part of your routine, tell me honestly: Is exercising something you love or hate? Maybe somewhere in between? If you exercise regardless, does it matter if you enjoy it? Yes!

Here’s why it’s so important to find exercise you enjoy doing.



As adults, we’re forced to do things we hate every single day. That’s life. And no matter who we are or where we live, we’d all agree that life is too short to be doing things we hate.

When it comes to exercising, something most would not consider mandatory, we need to love it if we’re going to make it a habit.

Don’t pick an exercise activity that you think you’re supposed to do because it’s easy, trendy, or convenient. That isn’t a good measure of if we’ll stick with something in the long term.

Maybe you run because it burns calories but you hate it. Or you cycle because it’s on the class schedule at your gym at the only time you can go. Or you do yoga because you’re too scared to try something else.

Finding exercise you enjoy doing is so important because it’ll be that much easier to just start and get it done every time you show up to work out.

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