By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

Have you have ever forgotten to set your alarm clock? Or worse yet, slept through it?

When you miss a wake-up call, the consequences create a domino effect in your day, and usually not in a good way.

The same is true on a grander scale when you miss a spiritual wake-up call and continue to “sleep”. Your life gets progressively uncomfortable until you are able to open your eyes and get with the program in progress.


If you have been following along as we share in this journey together you are aware that humanity as a collective is scheduled for an epic awakening. (That’s right, you + me = together!) And if you are listening closely, you will hear your spiritual alarm clock chiming with greater intensity these days.

Have you noticed:

that you are no longer satisfied with the status quo?

you’re becoming less interested in trite and superficial conversation?

the interactions that once left you fulfilled now inspire you to feel empty?

that you have been searching for something nameless that feels like it’s missing from your life?

These are all signs that you are ready to awaken more fully to your divinity.

“As our world changes around us on this threshold of a new era, we begin to awaken to the remembrance of our divinity…It is no longer imperative that we that we live under the shroud of spiritual amnesia.”

 (pg 12, Gratitude + Forgiveness X Love = Happiness, Co-Authors Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson)

Your spiritual amnesia served the purpose of keeping you rooted in the old era so you could learn the lessons your soul scheduled for you in that particular atmosphere. If you fully remembered your inner brilliance and your vast wisdom, your experiences would have felt contrived and inauthentic.

Now that the atmosphere has changed, and so have your lessons, we all need new tools. Our souls are expecting us to go deeper, to shine our inner lights more brightly and live more authentically to study what we have set ourselves up to learn. In other words, it’s time to remember, or awaken to our divinity to get with the program.

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