2018 & 2019 CV Music Awards Reigning Champ for “Best Rap/Hip-Hop”

By Noe Gutierrez

The winner…by majority decision…and still, CVMA ‘Best Rap/Hip-Hop’ artist…WILLDABEAST! We understand this is not a boxing match or even a battle for superiority for that matter. What it is to WILLDABEAST is a fight for his music. The lyrical genius is also a leader in the music community and has shown this by providing support to other artists and aligning himself with like-minded orchestrators like Mikey Reyes, PROVOKED and The Bermuda. Coachella Valley Weekly interviewed William Randal, the man behind WILLDABEAST, to help our readers understand the odyssey of Desert Rap and Hip-Hop from the artist’s standpoint.

Congratulations to the CVMA 2019 ‘Best Rap/Hip-Hop’ artist WILLDABEAST!

CVW: You’ve had some big things happen to you in the past couple of years. How do you maintain your humility when you’re looked to for consistent excellence and on such a big stage every time you perform?

WILLDABEAST: “The past couple of years have been such a vital time in the growth of my music. Winning an opening spot for Kurupt at Date Shed, taking the victory at the CV Music Showcase, back to back CVMA awards for ‘Best Rap/Hip Hop’ and releasing a quality EP, Provoked and Willdabeast, on 12” with one of my best friends PROVOKED, all possible through my relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s as easy as breathing to maintain my ability to deliver ‘A++’ Hip-Hop every time my craft is on the mic.”

CVW: You have a talented partner in crime in PROVOKED, (Daniel Sullivan), going as far as writing and recording an entire album with him. What do you want to share about your relationship thus far?

WILLDABEAST: PROVOKED and I have been making music together close to 20 years. In my opinion he is one of the hardest working Hip-Hop artists in the Coachella Valley hands down. Besides dropping an instant classic of an EP this year, PROVOKED and I will definitely be dropping more albums in the near future as well as our solo projects. I consider Daniel and all of our close circle family without a doubt.”

CVW: You thrive on other collaborations with other artists like Desert Rhythm Project. What do you enjoy about the give and take of a live performance with a band like that?

Photo By Chance

WILLDABEAST: “Performing Hip-Hop music with the band is ideal. There’s no other feeling than being on stage sharing your craft with other musicians. It amps up the energy 10 times. Also, I love DRP with all my heart. They always have my back like I always have theirs. Once you perform with the band it almost seems pointless not having one around full-time. Honestly, I would love to have a full-time band of my own and that is something I’m probably going to be arranging as the next year approaches.”

CVW: Congratulations on your ‘Best Rap/Hip Hop’ CVMA win for the 2nd year in a row! What does the recognition mean to you?

WILLDABEAST: “Honestly, the recognition drives my motivation. It’s driving me to push further than I ever thought I would go with my music. Getting my name out there is also a plus for sure. But it just more solidified inside myself that people actually like my music. For real, I love everybody that supports and continues to back my art, much respect. And next year I hope someone else wins the award straight up. I can name a few who deserve the award ASAP. It’s all about love.”

CVW: What are the plans for new WILLDABEAST music?

WILLDABEAST: “I plan to continue working on my solo projects to build my content. I’m taking my compositions towards a more musical direction by composing my beats with live instruments. Also, I’m getting more in touch with emotions that are inside and allowing them to surface. I just want to be honest with people who listen to my music.”

CVW: Do you have any shows scheduled?

WILLDABEAST: “I have a few shows lined up to keep me busy. The first show is September 28th at The Hood in Palm Desert. We will be celebrating Tracy Dietlin’s birthday. Then I will be accompanying DRP at Joshua Tree Music Festival October 10th – 13th. Tickets are available at joshuatreemusicfestival.com. I am also really excited about the next show October 18th and 19th, which is the 12th Annual Concert for Autism at Tack Room Tavern. Then PROVOKED and I will be blessing the stage at STREET, going down at the Westfield Palm Desert atop the parking structure November 1st. Followed by November 9th’s Synergy Music and Arts Festival, where we will be promoting our latest self-titled EP.”

CVW: What haven’t you attempted yet that you hope to?

WILLDABEAST: “I hope to accomplish incorporating live music into my performance, such as looping instruments and manipulating drums live. Showcasing my production skills on the fly is definitely a goal that’s going to be attempted real soon.”

CVW: What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

WILLDABEAST: “Honestly, there’s just a few individuals accumulated in my life that formulated my experience and motivated my artistic form in rhyme. Daniel Sullivan, Gustavo Ibarra, Esteban Andrade, Jonathan Olvera, Mikey Reyes and Matt Rickert. Without them in my life, my experience with Hip-Hop would not have been as vibrant. Much love to every one of them. RIP Gus and Matt.”

CVW: How long have you been making music now, as WILLDABEAST?

Photo By Chance

WILLDABEAST: “I’m going on about 20 years. My homies Brett and Mikey came up with the name when I was a freshman in high school. It’s stuck ever since, and I used it every time I made music. It kind of represented what I was about on the microphone. I was always real aggressive to defend the Hip-Hop culture. Now as I’ve grown and matured through time, my inner beast is now directed more towards aggressive positivity if that makes sense. A spiritual gangster in other words.”

CVW: You are involved in every aspect of your music. How does your creative process differ when you are creating beats versus vocals?

WILLDABEAST: “My creative process all originates from the spirit. The beat speaks and I answer with words. There are a few ways this happens. Sometimes the words will come as I am in the process of creating a composition. There are times when I have to complete the beat. Then I listen to it over the next couple days, and let it drive the story out of my creative cache. Once I have written the lyrics to my beats, they belong to the song. Just like one of the instruments.”

CVW: How do you think your surroundings have shaped you creatively & in what way(s)?

WILLDABEAST: “Whether it was good or bad, my surroundings definitely shaped my creativity by producing a mind whose imagination does not stop. Sometimes I wish it would, but then I remember some people don’t think at all, so I take it as a blessing. Go with it. Trust the process.”

CVW: I know things have not come easy for you and you make it seem easygoing and without drama. What has been your biggest challenge in maintaining momentum & motivation?

WILLDABEAST: “I guess my biggest challenge in maintaining momentum and motivation would be balancing work and my music. At one point I know that my music will become a main source of income so I can do what I love for a living, but as an independent artist the process is slow. I just know wholeheartedly that this is my path and I stay with it. As long as I operate in the boundaries of love, Christ and family, my outcome will always be success. I just go with the flow.”

CVW: What is next for WILLDABEAST? What do you want your supporters to know about you?

WILLDABEAST: “My next step would be finding management and distribution. I feel I’m ready for that elevated level and would love to go on tour or even end up with a spot at Coachella one year. None of my goals would be possible without my supporters so I would just want them to know that they are a big part of what I represent through my music. God Bless!”

CVW: Anything else you’d like to add?

Photo By Brian Blueskye

WILLDABEAST: “I would like to thank Alzander Thomas for the amazing cover artwork. Contact him on Instagram @a.d._83 for custom art. Also shout out to Rick Rodriguez for the WillDaBeast (W) Logo. Contact him @ibelieveinasone for your graphic designs. Much love to CV Weekly.
Big ups to Chance Rickert, DRP, PROVOKED, Wendy Sullivan, Source1st, DJ ODC, Alpine, The Bermuda, Thoughts Contained, Xio Sanchez, Versastyle, Giselle Woo and the Night Owls, Thr3strykes, Jack Patron, Death Merchants, DJ Rawkwell, DJ Smoke-One, DJ Slic Vic, Osirus, GreenSkull Family, Xpression, Triple Digitz, the entire Desert Music scene, Nigel Dettelbach, Flat Black Art Supply, Project Mayhem, Twerp, G.O.O.N.S., MCKG, Verzo Loko, Toni Bakal and KCOD crew, Chuck Films, Stretch, Mikey Reed, Barnett English, Noe Gutierrez, my mom Andrea, my beautiful daughter Marley, my sisters Rachel and Jerrica, my love Desiree Sidhu. And Ya Don’t Stop! Thank you for all the continuous love and support!


IG: @willdabeast_hip_hop

Upcoming Shows

9/28 – The Hood Bar & Pizza – Palm Desert, CA

10/10-10/13 – Joshua Tree Music Festival – Joshua Tree, CA

10/18-10/19 – Tack Room Tavern – Indio, CA

11/1 – STREET – Palm Desert, CA

11/9 – Synergy Music and Arts Festival – Coachella, CA