By Lynne Tucker

Their orchard was planted in 1910, making our Stayman-Winesap apples over 100 years old.  The Swanson Family acquired the farm in 2002 and officially opened Willowbrook Apple Farm in 2004.  Through years of dedication and hard work, Willowbrook Apple Farm into a beloved family destination and the best-reviewed farm in Oak Glen. Willowbrook Apple Farm is a small, family-run operation. They hope you will visit them and allow them to welcome you to Willowbrook Apple Farm.

Their small 100-year-old family farm is nestled against the San Bernardino Mountains in beautiful Oak Glen, CA and they would love to welcome folks to enjoy the farm-life with them.  

Star, their mini-donkey, would also like to invite you to visit him…especially if you promise to share one of your apples!


Willowbrook will be opening for apple season on Labor Day Weekend! They will have their old-fashioned apple cider presses for u-press apple cider and their caramel apple dipping station ready to go. Due to our extended winter, their berries are ripening late, so they hope to have some berry picking as well! Their apples are not quite ripe enough for u-pick, so to protect their century-old apple trees they will be waiting to offer u-pick until they are ready. Their best guess – late September. Sign-up for their email list and you will get a notification when u-pick officially opens! 

For more information visit their website

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Lynne Tucker is a Travel Writer and Photojournalist based in Palm Desert)