By Bronwyn Ison

As time continues to pass during quarantine, I believe the time that we have now should be utilized with full and positive intentions. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole and wonder what will happen and what’s next. Stop! If you haven’t already, begin using this downtime to figure out what is next.

For me, I’ve enrolled in some online courses. I’m reevaluating my business. I’m spending more time learning new recipes. I have more quality time with my daughters. What can you do with your time?

Your goal may be to lose weight, exercise 4+ times per week, eat healthier, journal everyday, etc.  If these will be new habits you’re introducing into your life it may be best to not get over zealous. Changing your diet can be very challenging especially if you’ve not had the greatest eating habits.  If you’re exercising two days a week and want to workout at least five, add an extra day in the first two weeks and grow from there.  I think you get the gist.  Changing your habits will require willpower!


Another suggestion… as harsh as this may sound… you need to excuse yourself from any negative atmospheres.  If you have a toxic friend who only makes you feel worse about yourself, or life, then it’s time to spend less or no time at all with this person or people.  You may be in a workplace that’s negative.  Do your best to dismiss yourself from your work with small breaks that can can help alleviate the pressures.

Willpower is knowing you can achieve something all on your own.  With more self-control we can avoid so much negativity that we often bring on ourselves.  Imagine if you had greater willpower to truly say no!  You can avoid a lot of poor mistakes. 

Remember, you make the final decision.  Do what serves you and the others around you best.  Here’s to your incredible WILLPOWER!

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