It’s a New Year and a fresh start for many of us.  Since having children, I’ve looked at my New Year commencing in August, when school starts.  Plus, my birthday is in August and I think that’s a good time for me to reset.  It was all over social media and in blogs… New Year, New Word, New Me.  Did you choose a word for 2019?  If so, what’s your word of the year? 

I’m impressed by all the positivity.  Plus, this was a different kind of way rather than setting a New Year’s resolution.  It’s more of an intention and guide you can have throughout the year.  For some, this may help filter decisions and calm your emotions. If you chose a word for your upcoming year, does it truly align with you? Or, did you feel pressured to choose a word because all your friends thought this was a good idea. 

Here are a few questions and statements to ponder (even if you already chose your word). Perhaps, you’re still in the making of choosing that definitive word. This short quiz may be helpful. 

  1. A year from now, when I reflect on 2019, what would make me the most excited about accomplishing?
  2. When I accomplish this goal, how will this make me feel?
  3. Besides accomplishing the goal, what would make you feel as though you succeeded?
  4. If you were to select an affirmation, which one would it be?
  5. Do you desire to be courageous, fearless, inspired, strong, empowered, etc.?

Any word you select, make certain it aligns with who you really are as person. We are constantly evolving.  Because you choose this one word today doesn’t mean you are stuck with it and you can’t change or move on from the word.  However, do your best to see how long you can work with your word.  See what beauty resonates from truly being in the space with your chosen word.  Journal the magical happenings that occur and make certain you remain positive.

Wishing you all the greatness and much success with your chosen word of the year!

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga and and the Founder of “Better For It Now,” a 7-Principle program that inspires Entrepreneurial woman, single and busy moms.