By Jennifer Tan AKA Mrs Fett

For the past six months, the console war between Microsoft and Sony has been bellowing through conventions halls, and conference rooms, muting the sweet, sweet songs of those deemed obsolete in the war of gaming domination. Until Now…

Xi3 Corporation, famous for their adorably cute, and extremely powerful modular computers, finally released live game play on their modular steam backed gaming PC. Within its 4 inch per side frame, the PISTON Console holds 128GB SSD, a 3.2GHz quad-core AMD R464 processor with integrated graphics, and 8GB of RAM to start. Want more? So do I. After the release of the PISTON Consoles, Xi3 will release upgraded and effortlessly interchangeable parts, including I/O Cards, and CPUs, allowing complete customization, and optimization in less than 5 minutes.

The Windows based PISTON Console offers a truly immersive gaming experience with native triple monitor support, and vivid visuals supported by 384 graphics cores for smooth, stunning and uninterrupted gameplay with an average of 70-80 fps. Will this console hold up to radical 10-24hr gaming sessions during double XP? YES! This eco-friendly console runs on just 40 watts of energy, less than most household light bulbs, and the entire thing is still smaller than the battery block used to power an Xbox 360.

After talking with a few inside connections at Xi3, I was able to get some not-so-cookie-cutter information about the PISTON Console. I have been told that the steam based gaming console may not be aimed at the Xbox, and Playstation gamers, but will be an effortless transition for PC gamers, new and veteran alike. It’s faster and more efficient than a normal sized PC with the same specs, and still $300-$500 cheaper. It will also have its own line of peripherals, although it’s unclear as to what they will be, or who will be making them. And yes, I asked if it came in pink. Unfortunately, not at this time, but maybe in the future?

The PISTON Console is estimated to release on Black Friday, 2013. For those of you sold on its $999.99 base price tag, you can pre-order at Those who pre-ordered at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) will receive their PISTON Console two weeks before the rest of the consoles ship! That means two weeks, of solid bragging rights, candid pics on Instagram and Facebook, and in-your-face gloating with a gaming console small enough to hide from your jealous friends!

As a female, the size and convenience of making this into a pchuahua, (part PC, part chihuahua) for optimal portability and gaming had me sold instantly. BUT, as a gamer, it was the endless customization of internal parts, the low energy cost to run the gaming console, and the competitive specs that has me waiting impatiently for the never-ending gaming sessions about to happen thanksgiving weekend! To see it for yourself, check out

Here is the First Exclusive Gameplay Footage!

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