By Dee Jae Cox

I don’t want realism. I want magic!”  Exclaims Blanch Dubois. (One of Tennessee William’s most famous characters from his classic play, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’) And that is the true essence of theater and most performing arts, which provide the chance to escape for an hour or two from the reality of our lives and immerse us in the world of drama, comedy or song.  If one were in search of magic in the Coachella Valley, it would be near impossible not to find it in the desert theatres, enjoying the performances of actress/singer/producer, Yo Younger.

Younger, is a local luminary, who seems to always be in motion on a multitude of stages. She indicated that performing the role of Blanch Dubois, in the Palm Canyon Theatre’s production of  ‘A Streetcar Named Desire,’ was one of her favorites. It’s difficult to imagine an audience member choosing a favorite from the approximate thirty stage productions in which she has appeared in the Coachella Valley alone.  She has won multiple ‘Desert Theatre League’ awards for her performances and is one of the most sought after actresses in the area, just recently having appeared in Coyote Stageworks benefit production of “Steel Magnolias,” with celebrities Mo Gaffney, Carole Cook and Sally Struthers. 

Originally from Texas, she alternates her time between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, though the Coachella Valley seems to have claimed her as its own.  And if her successful stage career isn’t enough, she is also an acclaimed singer who will be premiering her new one-woman show, ‘Olivia,’ on December24th.  ‘Olivia’ is a tribute to the multi-Grammy winning singer/songwriter, Olivia Newton John and will feature a musical journey of Newton John’s multi-layered musical achievements. 


Olivia Newton-John’s career has spanned five decades and achieved international acclaim through her work as a singer and actress.  The much anticipated debut of ‘Olivia’ will be presented at: Wendy’s Hideaway/Pete’s Hideout in Palm Springs.

Creating and performing a one-person show is no easy task.  The time and creativity involved only further showcases the talent of an exceptional performer.  Younger, states that her inspiration for her new show came from her love of Newton-John and from hearing many times that her own voice sounded very similar to the iconic singer.  Her favorite songs that will no doubt be a part of the show are, ‘Please Mr. Please’ and ‘Xanadu.’  She believes that the audience will enjoy following Newton-John’s career through her musical journey and how she always used her career in a positive way. 

Younger will be booking her ‘Olivia’ show for more performances in 2017 and will be kicking off the new year on January 13th, at the ‘Purple Room’ in Palm Springs, along side singer Ryan Michael Wojcik. 

Yo Younger, raises the bar when it comes to theater and performance.  Her name on a playbill will bring in an audience and her talent will keep them in their seats.  She says that what she enjoys in a show is being really moved and relating to the character… or if it’s a comedy she wants to really really laugh!!  Her unique style and presentation of each role she performs ensures that the audience is going to have the same experience that she herself expects to have.

 ‘OLIVIA’ – December 24th, 8pm at: Wendy’s Hideaway/Pete’s Hideout in Palm Springs.  665 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, Ca. 

For Show Reservations please call (760) 322-6500. 

Dinner and full bar is also available.  So grab your friends and family and enjoy a full evening of great food and an exceptional show.  There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than with music that will inspire nostalgia and a performer whose talent will make you commit the name Yo Younger to memory and keep you in search of her next show.

Dee Jae Cox is a playwright, director and producer.  She is the Cofounder and Artistic Director of The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Project. and  


Correction: The stage review of “Meet Me In St Louis” at Palm Canyon Theatre states that “Katie’s (Karen Schmitt) rendering of ‘A Touch of the Irish’ is definitely noteworthy.” When actually Karen, sadly had to step down from the role because she got laryngitis and had absolutely no voice. So Jasmine Shaffer, had to step into the role and as of last week has been playing Katie since opening night.