By Angela Romeo

Scot Alpert believes people are born to do extraordinary things. “I am one of those people,” said Scot.  “I understand the power of art and beauty.”

From an early age Scot was creative. “I used whatever material was available to me. Growing up I would spend hours watching my father creating extraordinary art. Some of my favorites were the wall sculptures made of crushed colored glass. He also painted for hours, and I would watch, soaking up every technique like a sponge. In those years the real feeling of being an artist was unleashed in my spirit. Nothing felt more joyful than creating.”

Scot used what he learned and at 23 opened his first business. Working in the Faux finishing, and Trompe-l’oeil styles, Scot began creating work for interior designers and his own clients. “I was given the opportunity to create extraordinary art, in some of the most exclusive estates all over Southern California. I was honored to have been published in a number of Home décor magazines during that time.”


With a passion for art and flair for design, Scot was well on his way to creating his own mark in the design world. In 2009 illness made him re-evaluate his career and his life. “Let’s break down the word dis-ease, or a lack of ease,” said Scot. “This realization really opened my eyes to how stress had changed my health for the worse. Soon I was receiving diagnoses from my doctors that I did not want to hear, or believe. I knew in my heart that I could overcome this awful news and taught myself to meditate. I started to meditate every day. I slowed my life down, learned how to breathe again, and became very focus on my health, mood, diet and general wellbeing. Life sometimes gives us great opportunity to learn lessons while going through a painful time. I brought myself back from the end of a life to the threshold of a new life. Art was always there for me.”

“I took an 18 inch journey from head to heart.  I realized that my life had so much more to give than work. I began to focus on my art. I created a style I call Beyond the Veil. The work takes the viewer on a journey, which like life, is not always what it seems,” smiled Scot. “The work tells a story. Each viewer sees a story but that story is not always what it seems. There is always something more, like peeling the layers of an onion. I like to say I am revealing what you might find, ‘Beyond the Veil.’”

There is an ethereal quality to the work that suggests a power beyond the temporal. Scot’s art is the manifestation of mediation and belief in the light. His work offers a cosmic glimpse into the endless possibility in to the promise of harmony.

“Great souls do not complain or rebel against adverse conditions, they convert them into benefits,” noted Scot.

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