By Bronwyn Ison

Yoga is an independent practice that allows us to connect our mind and body. The practice is also a celebration of freedom in our hearts and souls. For some, the practice of yoga is liberating, freeing us from challenges and teaching us how to handle certain situations in our lives.

Yoga is that of union with self and with others. Over time, those of us who practice consistently, an adoption of other positive habits develop. The practice can teach and challenge us to be in the present moment. Paying attention to the present moment is an art form that is more difficult to achieve than most may perceive. Once you recognize this sweet spot, this in itself is liberating.

As you continue to practice you will notice a more positive you. You are more independent in your thoughts, actions, and negativity that may have once surrounded you begins to dissipate. Again, liberating, freeing yourself with what may have held you hostage.

A confidence arises within. No matter your age, body type, or if you are flexible or not isn’t a factor. We are quick to be our worst judge and critic. Yoga will teach you to love yourself and be more willing to be forgiving of others. So often we obsess over what we are not or what we wish we were. Reflect on when you first started practicing yoga. You may have witnessed a pose and thought you could never achieve such strength or grace. Now, months or years into your practice you are doing what you once thought was unobtainable. As a teacher, I have seen student’s blossom in their practice. It may have nothing to do with striking the perfect pose but rather that of achieving greater confidence, an improved attitude, weight loss, change in diet, or that of a more independent thinker.

Practice gratitude for your independence, liberties, talents and abilities. Nourish your temple with healthy foods, remain hydrated, and get plenty of sleep. Be careful not to lose sight of the beautiful gift of independence we have been granted.

Our freedom is a gift. Yoga is a gift. Celebrate your overall independence.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760-564-YOGA