There is a newfound willingness to give Keto a try after sheltering at home for a while.  I’m finding people reaching out because they’re tired of gaining weight, living in a carb coma, they are finally motivated to get healthy and build their immune system. The questions I’m getting are: “how do I start the Keto diet” and “should I start on my own” and “am I better to hire you from the start”  or “I want to do the Keto diet right and there is a lot of confusing information online”.

People find success every day without a coach. It’s totally possible for you to find success without a coach. But perhaps that’s not the best question. Instead of asking if you NEED a coach, perhaps you should ask if a coach will allow you to avoid the frustrating mistakes that can plague your journey to Keto success; can a coach get you there faster?  And the answer to that is: absolutely.

Why Coaching?


Having a coach as a partner for your weight loss journey can make a huge difference in whether you successfully achieve your goal and sustain weight loss.  

The Keto diet isn’t complicated but there is a learning curve to be successful.  It takes time to change your behavior and wrap your brain around the Keto diet.   By having a coach to guide you in your weight loss program you will jumpstart your progress and have the opportunity to participate with your coach as a partner to create action plans, work on your mindset and  decide on your level of accountability.  Because of this interaction it allows you to follow through and achieve the results you set for yourself.  

Expect your coach to do more than give you a diet plan to follow with recipes, have you log your weight or tell you what foods to eat. You can find that online with “Google Coach”.  An excellent coach will support you with motivation, coping skills, proven diet hacks, expert advice, customization and realistic action plans that will always be moving you to reach the next challenging attainable goal! Your coach will be there to support you through the ups and downs and celebrate every success. 

If you are looking for an expert to guide you on your weight loss journey with a completely customized program and to be an active partner in your progress, then you are ready for a coach.  That can be from day one or several months into Keto.  It truly is up to you.

Don’t Struggle. Reach Out for Help.

Are you looking to lose weight but still struggling?   Think about coaching.  With the help of a coach, you’ll break down unhealthy barriers to weight loss and develop a healthy relationship with food. Coaching isn’t for everyone but check it out.  It just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

About Michelle Borthwick: Michelle is a Keto Lifestyle coach, a Seasoned expert on Customized Keto.  Keto weight loss results can be improved with Coaching, Customization, Accountability and a trusted partner to guide you every step of the way.  Michelle offers private sessions, proven Keto diet hacks, meal plans, proprietary customization, goal setting and more. If you are interested in Keto and how it can work for you and your lifestyle, book a free 30 minute private coaching session online at (based on availability on Tuesday or Thursday)