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Scarlet Lady

By Morgan James Desert Native, Luna Elizabeth Thorn, is creating a huge buzz around the Coachella Valley as she performs her live original music along with drummer, Marco Thoma, as their band, Scarlet Lady. Luna’s dynamic vocal range includes aggressive... Read more →


Ziggy Marley

At Spotlight 29 Casino on Friday, May 27th By Noe Gutierrez Seven-time GRAMMY® Award and EMMY® winner Ziggy Marley’s self-titled album will be released worldwide May 20, 2016 via his own record label Tuff Gong. The humanitarian, singer, songwriter, and... Read more →


Paul Bellardo

By Rebecca Pikus Paul Bellardo is an amazing sculptor – ceramics, pottery, glass, and also mono prints – who disliked “retirement” (true artists never really retire) – And at 92 years old continues to be prolific in producing his artworks. ... Read more →


MayBE – The JTAG Exhibition

By Angela Valente Romeo The Joshua Tree Art Gallery (JTAG) is a Co-operative Fine Art Gallery located at 61607 29 Palms Highway, Joshua Tree CA (www.josuhatreeartgallery.com). It is unique space showcasing the work of artists living in the High Desert... Read more →



Riley’s Farm now offers glamorous summer camping in Colonial Chesterfield. The past is only a moment away at Riley’s Farm!  Couples, families, and youth groups can now enjoy a summer overnight stay and immersive experience in America’s revolutionary past with... Read more →


An Angel Seeking Angels

By Janet McAfee Isn’t Angel a beautiful pup?  Her beautiful brown eyes appear happy and grateful as she rides home with her foster mom from the vet.  You would never know she was in a medical crisis with a red... Read more →


Sparkling Days Ahead

By Rick Riozza Last week, you’ll recall that we were knee-deep in a bunch of rosé wine—and, loving it! We simply can’t stop ourselves from parading about in pink!  We continue to alert—ad nauseum (but comforting in vino veritas)—that rosé... Read more →



By Robin E. Simmons SING STREET Writer/director John Carney’s charming but derivative musical with a big heart and beguiling cast is fun even with its familiar plot.   Set in 1980s Dublin the story unfolds from the point-of-view of a 14-year-old... Read more →

FP_Phil Knight

Ambition Runs Deep

By Heidi Simmons —– “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight Memoir —– Nike is one of America’s greatest companies.  For a country driven by capitalism, you’d think starting a business would be easy.  In Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog (Scribner, 400 pages),... Read more →

FP_Prom Safety

Graduate With Class!

Prom and graduation season is here again – You want to make sure you graduate ‘with’ your class! Unfortunately, these happy occasions sometimes involve underage drinking which can result in tragedy reminds Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna. It is therefore critical that... Read more →

FP_Basic Income

Universal Basic Income

  By Haddon Libby As automation eliminates many jobs and third world countries strip us of lower paying jobs, what are displaced workers supposed to do? If you believe that they should become retrained in another field in order to... Read more →



Week of May 19 © Copyright 2016  Rob Brezsny ARIES (March 21-April 19): “An oar moves a boat by entering what lies outside it,” writes poet Jane Hirshfield. You can’t use the paddle inside the boat! It’s of no value... Read more →



By Bronwyn Ison In a society which appears to have a plethora of negative influences we often succumb falling victim to others poor attitudes and energy.  Whether it’s gossip that provokes your thoughts or a feeling of inadequacy both equate... Read more →