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The Vortex Music & Arts Festival

Saturday, October 22nd from 12 to 8pm By Morgan James The city of Desert Hot Springs is an artistic mecca comprising of brilliant visual artists and a number of cultivated musical and performance artists to boot. While the city has... Read more →


Andrew Ford

By Patte Purcell Who’s that chill bass player? That’s Andrew Ford who plays with some of the top acts in the world! He toured with Chaka Khan including a performance at the White House. He toured with Gladys Knight. He... Read more →


Help Find Midnight!

By Janet McAfee Your heart aches when a beloved pet goes missing.  You feel the angst of not knowing their fate, wondering if they are hungry or sick, and worst of all worrying if they are still alive.  One local... Read more →


Village Pub Celebrates 21 Years

With Mayor Moon and a Palm Springs Chamber Ribbon Cutting. Event includes New Menu Food Samplings, Entertainment, Raffle Prizes and More! Village Pub is celebrating 21 years in downtown Palm Springs with a special celebration event, commencing with Mayor Robert Moon... Read more →

FP_PaulKalanithi -Breath

A Life and Death

By Heidi Simmons —– When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi Memoir —– Death is often difficult to talk about and it feels especially strange to consider one’s own passing.  Yet, death is a reality we all face.  In Paul... Read more →



By Maria Miranda Social Security District Manager in Palm Springs, CA Social Security is committed to treating all Americans fairly. This commitment extends to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people covered by Social Security’s many programs. October is also National... Read more →



  By Haddon Libby Your vote matters.  While it may not make a difference in the Presidential race, down ballot votes are of critical importance to all of us in our everyday lives.  To understand this, we need look no... Read more →



By Dale Gribow There are more DUI FATALITIES in the Coachella Valley, per capita, than anywhere else in California. Thus it is logical that DUI arrests and fatalities spike during CV concerts. Naturally our law enforcement agencies become more vigilant... Read more →


Week 7 Key Matchups

By Flint Wheeler Can you believe it’s week 7 already? Almost the halfway point of the NFL season includes a great AFC clash that looked like it would feature two of the best quarterbacks of this era. But that won’t... Read more →



Week of October 20 © Copyright 2016  Rob Brezsny ARIES (March 21-April 19): In the 1980s, two performance artists did a project entitled A Year Tied Together at the Waist. For 12 months, Linda Montano and Tehching Hsieh were never... Read more →

FP_Life test


By Bronwyn Ison In life we are challenged with tests and passing them is a part of never giving up.  Without trials and tribulations we would not prosper.  I am certain you have had circumstances you didn’t believe you could... Read more →



By Doug Morin Executive Director, Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine Do you know that your ears never stop hearing, even when you sleep? Your brain just ignores incoming sounds. And that your sense of hearing is dependent on tiny hairs... Read more →

Life Career

Timely Kudos

By Sunny Simon On a serious mission to purge unwanted files, I filtered through the masses of paper in my office and unearthed an old “Warm and Fuzzy” file. The red folder contained cards and letters from family, friends and... Read more →