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The Men’s Issue 2016

From Publisher Tracy Dietlin: It is with great pride and pleasure that I announce to you CV Weekly’s Top 12 Most Interesting & Influential Men of the Coachella Valley for 2016. While there are many deserving men in the valley,... Read more →


Eevaan Tré: Singer, Songwriter, Performer

Charity: Raices Cultura By Noe Gutierrez Eevaan Tré is an artist. Crossing music and fashion like no else in the Coachella Valley, he has developed his own unique brand and continues to cause females to swoon at the sound of... Read more →


Steve Sanchez: A Marine On A Community Mission

Charity: Big Brother’s and Big Sister’s By Rich Henrich This past weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Sanchez, a Marine on a mission to serve community through sound principles of vision, leadership and integrity. In our current... Read more →


Robert Moon: Mayor of Palm Springs

Charity: Desert Aids Project By Heidi Simmons “It’s an incredible honor,” said Robert Moon, Mayor of Palm Springs. “I have no other job. It is the only thing I do. I work full time being Mayor.” When Moon is not... Read more →


Jerry Keller: Restauranteur

Charity: Coachella Valley Repertory Theater By Heidi Simmons “I like going through life doing my best to have a good time,” said Jerry Keller, restaurateur. “I’m lucky to have a business where I can be creative and effective enough to... Read more →


BB Ingle: Promoter Extraordinaire

Charity: Pet Rescue Center By Tracy Dietlin If you love a good party, and have been in the Coachella Valley for any period of time, you most likely have heard of BB Ingle, and most certainly have attended one of... Read more →


Soterios Anagnostou: Owner of

Charity: Safehouse of the Desert By Morgan James Will; Hard Work; Determination; For Soterios Anagnostou these are words to live by. Growing up in Dana Point Soterios spent his youth surfing, skateboarding, fishing and immersing himself in the local art... Read more →


Rob Lawrence

By Morgan James Rob Lawrence has a spirited nature, striving to enjoy the adventure of life itself, volunteering for causes near and dear to him, and self-expression through his music. Lawrence displays his big heart playing music for various charities... Read more →


Fleet Friend Easton

By Patte Purcell Who’s that entertainer on the stage, screen, TV, radio, behind the camera, in front of the camera, singing with combos, orchestras, and every musical genre from jazz standards to country? One performer stands out, the “Prince of... Read more →


Julio Iglesias

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Continues To Bring Top Notch Entertainment To The Coachella Valley By Lola Rossi International singing superstar Julio Iglesias performed at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino last Saturday, September 17, in The Special Events Center to a capacity... Read more →


Fifty Shades of Grey

By Slim Man One thing you gotta love about America, when a movie hits big, you can be absolutely sure there will be sequels coming out for the next fifty years or so. The first Godfather sequel was the first... Read more →


The Faces of Euthanasia

By Janet McAfee Five emails containing the daily euthanasia list of Devore’s shelter animals appeared on my computer, sent by folks who tirelessly network homeless animals. At the bottom of the list was a pair of adorable little fluffy terrier... Read more →


Autumn Opens to Oenophiles

By Rick Riozza A lover or connoisseur of wine is known in some places as an “oenophile”, pronounced: “ee-no-file”. One would think that this is perhaps some ancient Classical Greek term that we’re stuck with—but it’s not. It was more-or-less... Read more →


Stuft Pizza: Consistently Delicious

By Tracy Dietlin While there are many fabulous restaurants in the Coachella Valley, there is one that keeps me going back week after week and that is Stuft Pizza. The original La Quinta location was doing so well that owner... Read more →



By Robin E. Simmons NOW PLAYING: SNOWDEN The first thing I did when I got home after watching “SNOWDEN” at the newly refurbished Mary Pickford Theater was to stick a piece of masking tape over the camera lens of my... Read more →


The Men I Love

By Heidi Simmons Since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, male authors have dominated the written word. William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Edger Allen Poe, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Steinbeck, Ray Bradbury, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle, J.D. Salinger, Franz... Read more →


Who is Running?

By Haddon Libby The 2016 elections are coming up in about 45 days. If you listen to many politicians and their marketing machines, these will be the most important elections since the beginning of time. While that bit of hyperbole... Read more →

FP_Heros In The Valley

Heroes Coming Together In The Valley!

Approximately 140 Firefighter’s, Police Officers and United States Military Members golfed with local residents this last Saturday Sept. 17th to raise money for the Folds of Honor Patriot Golf Tournament at the Westin, Mission Hills raising money for educational scholarships... Read more →


NFL On Twitter A Work In Progress

By Flint Wheeler Thursday night represented our first look at a very big bet by Twitter on its future as a live events platform. The social platform live-streamed the first of 10 Thursday night football games, with the stream available... Read more →



Week of September 22 © Copyright 2016 Rob Brezsny ARIES (March 21-April 19): Even if you are a wild-eyed adventure-seeker with extremist views and melodramatic yearnings, you’ll benefit from taking a moderate approach to life in the coming weeks. In... Read more →

Life Career

In the Pink with Change

By Sunny Simon When Marla walked in my office it was obvious she had big news. Once she was seated my new client blurted out her job was eliminated in a company downsizing. It seemed clear to me Marla was... Read more →