From Mark Gregg

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The 3M Studios campus include several rooms for rehearsal and staging, audio recording, editing, and post production, as well as video/photo shoots and video editing.

We also have a full service recording studio with multiple, networked rooms, and simultaneous line of sight tracking in multiple rooms that do not share walls for superior isolation, while still visually seeing the artist/engineer while tracking.


3M Studios offers state of the art monitoring, and control, and all the tools you need to produce your next song, album, video, or podcast, as well as voice overs, ADSR, or audio book recording and production.

We will also have rooms available for podcasting and teaching.

We will have ongoing events such as clinics for tools of the trades, and how-to’s for recording and performing by professionals in the industry that will be open to the public.

Stand by for the official opening announcement in the next few days, and the Grand Opening dates, later in the year.

We hope to see you soon, and please check back regularly to our website, for room photos and pricing.

Good music to all!

3M Studios team.