By Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

The recent and future forecasted storms have dumped several inches of rain that can invade your home. No matter how well protected your home is, you can have water damage!

Start at the top with your ceilings then the walls in your home. They are likely places and indicators of rain water damage. Stains or discoloring with blistering paint or peeling wallpaper are signs of water damage. Check for leaks around light fixtures that hang from the ceiling.

Take a look inside your attic because all roofs can be compromised by rain. Check inside your attic for possible leaks. If you find wet insulation, pull it out immediately and replace it.


If you have a raised foundation, check underneath it. Even if the water is just rain, you must get it dried up quickly.

Check your carpets and floors. If damp or pretty soaked you may have to have them professionally cleaned and/or dried. On tile and hardwood floors use mops and towels to dry them up. Open doors and windows to create cross-ventilation. Use fans if necessary.

The foundation of your home is extremely susceptible to water intrusion. Water seeks its own level and can find its way back into the concrete cracks around the base of your home.

Remove excess leaves, needles, twigs, and other debris from both roof and yard gutters and drains. These accumulate from wind and rain. Make sure that the openings to all downspouts are clear.

Make sure water from gutter downspouts and drains are draining away from your home, not pooling towards it.

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