By Angela Romeo

“I had an extraordinary childhood.” That is how Artist Amadea Bailey introduces herself to the world. That childhood laid her path to becoming a well-respected abstract artist. “I was born in Germany. From the ages of 5-10 I lived in Kenya. It was a sensual life where everything and anything seemed possible,” continued Amadea.

Those years of unfettered freedom and adventure made an indelible mark on her. It was Yale University that she discovered her true passion for art. “A retrospective of Claude Monet’s water lilies at the Museum of Modern Art in New York transported me. The vast expanses of color, the abstract forms swirling and unfolding,” Amadea explains. “I knew that my life was meant to explore the bold richness of abstraction.”

Her work has many layers to it. (One cannot look at a painting and not see what lies outside the canvas.) “I prefer large-scale work because it allows me to move across the surface. By working on larger format my work becomes a dance with me. My work is order out of chaos – I enter a world of space and matter, building up my canvases with color and texture, recapturing the freedom and movement of my African childhood.”


Amadea’s work has been featured in galleries and museums. In March 2013 she was part of the Yin Yang Exhibition at Gallery 446, Palm Springs. “I do like to see people experience my work. Art is to be shared and enjoyed. ”

But sharing art does not mean stealing the art. “My house was broken into when I was out of town and took TEN of my paintings were taken. I believe this person knew me and was intentionally after my work. I am hoping that one day I will see my paintings again,” said a visibly shaken Amadea.

“I would like everyone to see images of the work so they can be recognized. You never know where the work could end up:  a staged home, auction house, on a TV show or movie, flea market……anywhere. Please let me know if you think you recognize any of these paintings. . Three of the paintings are part of a body of work I have been working on for a long time: Free Spirit, Rockstar, and Footsteps. To see one’s work and livelihood stolen is a surreal unsettling experience. ”

If you should see the works, please contact Amadea through her website. For more about Amadea and her work, visit

  • Footsteps

  • Free Spirit

  • Rock Star