By Crystal Harrell

Local alternative rock duo Analog Lab, comprised of Sean McCune (drums, programming, vocals) and Miguel Arballo (vocals, guitar, bass), have just released a new EP entitled “ANTI DOVE”, worldwide this month. The sonically cohesive EP contains three songs (Objectif, Monet, and the title track, ANTI DOVE) and one interlude (Imagenes).

“We’ve had a very positive reception to the EP in the community, but also from outside sources, which is something that came as a full surprise to me. We poured a lot of effort into this piece of work and are proud of its final product,” shared Arballo.

The songwriting process for the ANTI DOVE EP began around October of last year. Arballo and McCune set their intentions, and performed the songs live throughout sets to get a feel of what the duo wanted out of them. Some of the songs morphed drastically during this time, but they actually sat down and started recording the songs in January and February.


“I don’t write lyrics until I have the full song in front of me, but Sean is constantly writing and had his parts for the title track solid way ahead of time. We really came together as a band, and became even better friends during this EP’s creation,” stated Arballo.

“These are the first songs we’ve sat down and written together. We created it sitting in a room with our instruments just jamming and also some producing through Ableton,” added McCune.

Analog Lab’s performance at Brick by Brick in San Diego last year gave the band a taste of a receptive crowd, but the free EP release show on June 9 has been one of their favorite performances.

“The release show was quite an experience. It was really an excuse to hang out with some of our favorite local artists and bring our communities together. Sean and I wanted to give back some love to our local supporters, and have people who have never seen us, or our supporting acts, live, a chance to experience what we do. We also got a chance of sharing some new music we’re currently working on,” said Arballo.

“I personally have never played a show like that before. A whole room packed with people all there to listen to you and enjoy your creation. The other artists and bands we had there really made the night. Their performances were incredible. It was a great circle of love and a great reminder to the local community that we can all play shows together regardless of genre or background or identity. The Coachella Valley really has a special group of talent on the rise,” continued McCune.

Analog Lab’s sound became more cohesive on the ANTI DOVE EP. The songs have elements of different genres, but maintains the band’s alternative rock feel. It’s moody, and wild at times, but also has some hope hidden in the songs.

There are several upcoming performances Analog Lab has planned to showcase songs from the EP, including Moonvibez Festival, which is an underground festival, in LA on June 24. The band is also scheduled to perform at MOAH Cedar, in Lancaster, CA, on August 26, and Packing House Brewery, in Riverside, CA, on September 9th.

Analog Lab is also currently working on their full length album, which the band hopes to finish by September/October of this year.

“We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the people who support us and newer fans we’ve made since our release show. The love we’ve gotten recently has been really uplifting and motivational… This last show we played when we played one of our unreleased songs “Juke,” the crowd reaction was exactly what we had imagined it to be and it was so fun to play,” said McCune.

Listen to Analog Lab’s new ANTI DOVE EP on Spotify, Youtube Music, Pandora, and Bandcamp. Listeners can also follow the band on social media and their website,, for more musical updates.