By Noe Gutierrez

You won’t meet a more admirable human being than BB Ingle. By virtue of his events, he’s supported numerous charities and organizations throughout his career and leaves a path of fun everywhere he goes. That signature Southern drawl pulls you in and the next thing you know, you’re at his subsequent event. This has been the case for over three decades now for the 7-time winner of ‘Best Event Promoter’ and the 2019 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Coachella Valley Music Awards.

He’s celebrating his 35th Halloween Bash on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 9 p.m. by bringing it, for the first time, to The Show at Agua Caliente Casino, featuring a state-of-the-art sound, lights, and video system with over 80,000 watts of audio power! This move shows that BB has not slowed down and is still bringing us the finest in entertainment. You can still purchase tickets at partywithBB.com for $35. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Bronco Bijou Pet Rescue Center. 21+ to attend.

The premier event of the fall season, the legendary Halloween Bash  promises to be even more extravagant and entertaining than last year’s party which was again nominated in numerous publications as “Event of the Year” in the Greater Palm Springs area!


The Show will be transformed into the ultimate dance party featuring five of Southern California’s hottest DJs including; DJ Aaron C, DJ Ceasare, DJLf, DJ Anwaar and DJ Tommy OConner. The party also includes special performances by Meagan Van Dyke, winner of the CVMA for ‘Best Female Vocal’ of 2019, and hot dance band AlgoRhythmz (comprised of Michael James, Clark Souter and Azhia Zelazquez).

For over 35 years BB has brought the desert some of the biggest and best celebrations. He continues to do so, as is evident with his 2019 CVMA win for ‘Best Event Promoter’. “I feel like I am just getting warmed up when it comes to producing events,” BB shared.

BB is a pure and wholesome gentleman born and raised in Alabama. He personifies fun. Whether it’s singing “Sweet Home Alabama” with the house band every chance he gets or cheering on his Alabama Crimson Tide, BB lives like he’s on vacation.

With a significant career in developing, planning and executing social events, the former 8th grade history teacher reflects on his career. “When you receive a lifetime achievement award it makes you look back at the fond memories of the fun times and all the people’s lives you touched and were touched by, but you also remember all the challenges you faced. When I first started hosting the parties 35 years ago there was no internet, no cell phones, no social media. I would start a few weeks before a party and spend about eight hours a day just calling everybody from a list I had from business cards and numbers written down from everyone I had met, plus hand out flyers around town, flyers made by ‘copy and paste’ the old fashion way. It was a more personal way to invite people in those days. Then after Facebook and social media came along, the attendance at the parties exploded.” The burst of party attendees also brought some “accidental” circumstances.

One thing that has motivated BB has been his unexpected role as cupid. BB reflected, “It really inspires me to keep coming back year after year to produce the parties after I was told about all the couples out there that have met at one of the parties, fell in love, got married and had children. There have been well over a hundred. To know that something you created touched another’s life like that makes it all worthwhile.” BB accepts the role enthusiastically and only relates to the good nature of the man.

BB believes that the essential qualities for a successful promoter are passion, compassion and positivity. “You cannot be successful at anything unless you are passionate about it. Second, care for others; you can never be truly successful by yourself. Third, attitude; be positive and don’t look at the ‘why not’ or ‘I can’t’…but always look into HOW can I make it happen and find a way to do it,” BB declared. This is the confidence that it takes to achieve an enduring span of prosperity.

After so much time in the event promotion business and receiving the CVMA Lifetime Achievement Award, BB is not close to done being the desert’s premiere promoter. He joked, “Am I that old? Aren’t lifetime achievement awards for people at the tail-end of their careers?” He will send-off 2019 and bring in 2020 like only he can. “We are really excited about this year’s 36th Annual New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball, more details to follow!”

BB wanted to send a message to all past and current Party With BB  participants: “I want to extend a special thanks to all those of you out there that have supported the parties over the years; for encouraging me and allowing me to live my dream and to be your go-to party guy!”

See you at the BB’s 35th Annual Halloween Bash!

For more information visit: 


or call: 760-880-1059

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