Charity: Bianca Rae Foundation

By Lisa Morgan

This bright and beautiful face that greets local news watchers in the mornings via KESQ News Channel 3, was not born to our desert, but she has become something of a local treasure. Born in Palos Park, a suburb of Chicago, Rae earned a dual degree from the University of Missouri in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish with a minor in Sociology. KESQ made the intuitively smart move to hire her straight out of college and with her incredible work ethic and radiantly positive disposition, Rae quickly worked her way up the ranks from reporter, to weekend anchor/entertainment reporter, and currently to morning anchor.

It wasn’t long after Rae got settled into her new desert home that she began to build a foundation that would leave an indelible mark on our community. She is the founder and CEO of the Bianca Rae Foundation, a charity whose mission is to be a voice for the voiceless: kids and animals. “My foundation supports all the animal welfare groups in the valley through adoption events and our Faith, Hope and Pups polo benefit,” Rae shared.

BIANCA Rae Of HopeAlongside of her huge heart for animals, Bianca Rae is very passionate about giving other young girls an opportunity to succeed. The award winning news reporter didn’t take it lightly when she noticed the trend of young girls crowding around her while on location covering news stories for KESQ. She felt a deep sense of responsibility. “I am very proud and grateful that I started getting involved on the path toward my passion when I was young. I am blessed! I had good, strong guidance at a young age. If you start young, you have more time to accomplish everything you set out to do. I want to be part of helping young girls get on the right path when they are young, at this molding stage of their lives.”  In that effort, Rae founded the Rae of Hope Leadership Retreat for middle school girls, exposing them to women leaders and mentors in our Valley. The retreat has been growing and has made an incredible impact for three years running.


If that weren’t enough, Rae also serves on the 100 Women committee for Desert Aids Project, and is also a part of Palm Springs Women in Film and Television. As busy as she is, she finds time to support her church serving the Eucharist at Sunday mass at Sacred Heart Church.

“I just have a yearning inside of me to be great, do great things and make the world better. I always have. There is some fire in me that doesn’t let me rest…truthfully; even on a Saturday, I have a hard time just sitting and doing nothing. I enjoy progress. And I have an absolutely fantastic support system that helps me constantly be on the go. From family, to my boyfriend and a few close friends, I am never alone in my journey to conquer the world!”

“My mom always reminds me what I’m here for. I know I have a big calling in my life, but sometimes bullies or life circumstances can bring you down for a hot minute. Then my mom reminds me it’s part of the path that someone with my calling is on. It’s part of this life I chose. Then I lift my chin up, smile and get back to it.”

“Faith has always been an integral part of my life. I’ve always believed in Luke 12:48: For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.  God and my family have given me a lot, and I have also worked for a lot. I thank God always for my successes and the bravery He gives me to live such a bold life. ”

“I do feel very accomplished and proud of myself, and generally speaking, yes, I feel like I am and have enough. But I admit, there are days when you catch a glimpse of a picture or something that makes you question for a second if you should be doing something better, or different. Fortunately, those moments don’t last long because when they come around, I remind myself of the young girls and even the adults who tell me they wish they had my job/hair/clothes/family. When I remember those moments, I feel guilty for thinking I don’t have enough, and I remember how blessed I truly am. And that thought goes away.”

“I will say my job does add an element of difficulty to my personal life. With this job comes the prospect of getting called into work on your day off if there is considerable breaking news. It requires a good percentage of your time and attention to always be ‘plugged in’ to social media and email. With the red carpet celebrity events I host, it involves me talking to and interviewing same of the most good looking men in the world. So this job definitely requires my significant other to be secure, confident and supportive…and I’m really grateful I’ve found that.”

“I love going out to dinner! I love to try new restaurants and eat, so thankfully I enjoy working out, too! I also love traveling and spending time in unique places. And my favorite hobby of all is spending time with Jack, my rescue dog! He is so human to me, and I really do treat him like a person.”

“In 10 years, I will be 37. I hope to be married and have two kids, a sibling for Jack, and continuing my career as an anchor, whether that’s here or somewhere else. I’m excited to see what’s ahead!”