New 3D Animated Comedy “Canine Royale” based on 2D book series “Secret Agent 00K9” to be announced at Comic Con Palm Springs by Pixel Rocket Entertainment.

Brian Neil Hoff has announced the publication of the third book in his Secret Agent 00K9 series, “Canine Royale.”

Canine Royale, is a 3D animated action adventure feature film written by independent producer Brian Neil Hoff featuring, Secret Agent 00K9, a spy dog biped existing in animal-human fantasy world.

The idea for the spy dog character Secret Agent 00K9 came from Brian’s dog Cosmo who, as a 3-month-old puppy, seemed to stalk the neighbor’s property. Brian thought he was acting like a spy. In 2004, he wrote the screenplay “Spies in the Hood,” which featured two boys who trained their dog to be a spy and nicknamed him 00K9.

In 2006, Brian began visualizing 00K9 as a biped who drove cars and carried out other human-like activities. He developed the concept further in the 2007 screenplay 00K9, in which there is an original animal metropolis where there are no humans.

In 2008, Brian began turning the characters and concept into a Secret Agent 00K9 2D book series. In October 2014, after several years of working full time and creating one character and scene at a time with artist Alfie Vann, he self-published the first book, “The Fast and the Furriest.” He published the second book, “The Bone Ultimatum,” in December 2015.

Additional plans for 2016 are to launch 00K9 and the cast of human-like animal characters into the world of 3D in a new animated feature film, also titled “Canine Royale.” Brian will have an exhibit at Comic Con Palm Springs August 26-28.

The Secret Agent 00K9 books are available from the author and online from, Barnes and Noble Kids Club, and other retailers.

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About the Author:
Brian Neil Hoff developed a big imagination while growing up in the open spaces of the American River region of Northern California. He started in the film business in 1994. In 2008 he won an award as producer of the short film Automaton at the California International Animation Festival.

Brian currently lives in Palm Springs, California, where he is active in charities and other community work. He has held book signing fundraisers for the Palm Springs Animal Shelter and the Palm Springs Police Department K-9 Unit. He is a SAG-AFTRA member.