By Crystal Harrell

For those yearning to quench a thirst for travel and experience natural delicacies from around the world, the Cali Rosina Tea & Chocolate shop in Old Town La Quinta is just the place to find exotic flavors and selections. Cali Rosina opened its doors in March of 2020, just as California issued a stay-at-home order during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The family-owned business has become a local favorite, greeting customers who enter their bright and cozy shop with a warm welcome and sweet yet spicy aromas.

“We did small yoga and music festivals for seven years. Through those experiences, we knew we wanted to share this wonderful world of tea and chocolate with our community,” shared Jodie Smith, co-owner of Cali Rosina. Jodie runs the shop with her siblings, providing personable service and building a rapport with new and returning customers.

Cali Rosina Tea & Chocolate makes drinks to order. They carry small craft bean to bar chocolate from around the world, originating from countries like Peru, Sweden, and the Philippines. There are over 90 types of loose-leaf tea and herbs and growing. The shop also offers custom gift baskets with the various chocolates and treats they carry, even including themed baskets for holidays like Valentine’s Day.

“We infuse fresh ingredients into our drinks. We juice all of our own citrus and break down fresh fruit to incorporate into our drinks. We love creating new and interesting combinations for all to experience. Plus, we like to give samples of our drinks so all may experience what we have to offer because it’s more than just tea. It’s a journey around the world you get to share in various cultures and the beautiful communities beyond the Coachella Valley,” stated Jodie.

The Cali Rosina menu is bound to change with the new drink options that are created, but customer favorites right now are Jasmine Orange, Coconuts in the Grass, and Pink Pineapple Cold Frost. The Bloom series of drinks are also summer staples, acting as elevated slushies in refreshing flavors like watermelon, hibiscus, and ginger.

“There is such a variety of different plant materials; it’s to each his own. We are here to be of service and help direct those in a direction that pleases each individual’s pallet.  Well-embraced by the community, people have been excited to experience and learn of all we have to share, and we love to share!” said Jodie.

The Cali Rosina team has had amazing memories since its opening a year ago. One experience in particular that stands out to Jodie is when a one-year-old tasted a fruity herbal blend. Immediately after, he had a big smile with eyes brightly lit, and had an iron grip on his drink so he did not have to give it to his mother.

With a future goal of expansion, Cali Rosina looks to continue onward in bringing new and tasty drinks. The staff believes that supporting local businesses brings more of the community together, and has cherished the opportunity to get to know one another and grow together.

“We started with a personal journey of positive change which led to having booths at various festivals in which we had the opportunity to meet amazing individuals who shared with us various aspects of the tea world. From there, we kept creating and experimenting with all sorts of plant materials. Honestly, the more we learn, the less we know. We are so grateful to be part of this community and to serve those on their flavor adventures,” explained Jodie.

Cali Rosina Tea & Chocolate is located at 78120 Calle Estado #104 in Old Town La Quinta. They also offer pick-up and can be reached at (760) 619-2279.