By Lisa Morgan –

I’m going to predict that the U.S. Geological Survey folks will be getting readings regarding strong seismic activity this Friday with all fingers pointing toward the epicenter, The Hood Bar and Pizza.  The Hood presents three bands each of which include some home grown musical excellence in the collective genres of reggae, electronic, dub, rock, hip hop, raw rap, metal, dance groove, and even a bit of psychedelic punk.  If the Hood’s walls are still intact by 2 am Saturday morning, the bands Capitol Eye, Chill Clinton and Thr3 Strykes will not be to blame.  Faces WILL be melted.

Capitol Eye:  I-man and Mike Long met in 1998 at a bar and soon they were creating with Sauce, Hellnaw and Dame Dog. “The first practice we had, it just clicked. It felt like we’d been playing together forever,” remembers I-Man. Mike Long, who’s been a multi-instrumentalist since early childhood, agrees, “When we first met we just started writing songs straight-up for like 6 weeks!” Capitol Eye has performed with Cypress Hill, Limp Bizkit, Kool Keith, KRS-One, Black Eyed Peas, The Vandals, Method Man, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Pennywise, 311 and TSOL.

Mood Swingz was the first CD to hit the streets and was recorded with Eddie Ashworth (Sublime, Pennywise) who captured the bands intensity and energy flawlessly. Songs like “Lets Go” are full of high-energy instrument mutilation, while the remake of Sly and the Family Stones “If You Want Me to Stay” grooves just like it did in the 70s. I-Man relates stories from his past, the way he grew up, and what he sees around him now. Drummer, Steven Hall joined them about 6 years ago.  Now, three albums deep, Capitol Eye is definitely one of the best representations of the Long Beach, So Cal sound.  After being on hiatus for the last several years, the guys only recently reconnected.  Steven Hall said, “We got together and we were all just like a bunch of little kids smiling and stuff – getting back to where we were five years ago.  As far as the future goes, I wouldn’t say no to anything right now.”  With their connection to the infamous Skunk Records, this band definitely could take off again very quickly, leaving you hard pressed to make your way to the foot of the stage as the venues for this band are likely to get much bigger, as they deserve.  Follow them at


Chill Clinton: The band is Guitarist/Producer, Dan Rabb and Eclectic DJ, Mark Morante who met in the dorms at San Diego State University in 1998.  After performing in several separate local San Diego bands over the years, they rejoined forces founding Chill Clinton in March, 2010. Drummer “Sir” Patrick Knightly joined the band in the spring of 2011.  By mixing electronics with live instrumentation and infusing their reggae, electronic, dub, rock, and hip hop inspirations, Chill Clinton brings you something new as they deliver a powerful live performance.  Their debut album Lift and Cut is a result of two years of collaboration and is available on itunes. Electronic drum beats and synth melodies are paired with live drums and real MCs with gritty-soulful guitar to make the Chill sound on the album. Check them out at

Thr3 Strykes:  Josh Hall aka “SMALLZ”, younger brother of Capitol Eye’s drummer, Steven Hall, will be bringing his own brand of musical excellence to the stage with Joshua Fimbres “SURV1” and Jesse Brown “PROTEK”.  Their Hip Hop “Citri Cali” style will start off the tremors likely to be felt by those lining up outside to get into this show.  Check them out at or follow them on Facebook.

This is your chance to support home grown music that has the sound, depth and skill to go spherical.  Do NOT let yourself miss this experience.  The Hood Bar and Pizza is located at 74360 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, CA. (760) 636-5220