By Angela Romeo

We all have a language that we speak. Some of us may speak English. Some of us may speak French. Some may even speak Klingon. David Falossi speaks Stone.

Stone has the ability to last forever. Early man used stone to start fire. He scratched into the stone to leave directions or tell a story. Sculpting in stone is a continuous of this long wonderful pedigree and perpetuates its air of mystery. Remember The Easter Island Moai stone sculpture dating back to the 1250 B.C.? We are still in awe of the carving of Michelangelo – The Pieta or David, still mesmerized. Modern day sculptors include Modigliani, Henry Moore and David Falossi.

David creates work that reminds us of our connection to the earth. “I use stone because it is a link to the earth; its richness and varieties are a miracle in itself,” said the artist.


All artistic mediums have inherent challenges. “I have found that carving stone is the most difficult of all the artistic mediums. The difficulty in the medium requires the sculptor to commit to a long and difficult process that yields a great reward,” said David. That commitment has been rewarded. David’s work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions. His son, Christopher, 17 has begun to follow in his dad’s footsteps. “Christopher sculpts desert animals. At recent the Indian Wells Arts Festival, he was the youngest juried in artist from artists from all over the world. He won third place in sculpture at that show and is already developing a following of art patrons who love his art,” said proud dad.

David’s work incorporates, in addition to stone, fiberglass, glass, steel and water features. His artistic range follows his predecessors, classical realism to geometric abstraction. David has no preferred style. He works in many styles to keep it fresh and interesting.

The body of David’s has one common theme – a feeling of humanity. To gift a sense of humanity to a nonliving element requires far more than technical skill. There needs to be passion. David imbues his work with that passion. “When I combine materials I am symbolically creating the equation that makes all life possible. Through my artwork I share my message, and have carved in stone my understanding of our place in this incredible world,” continued David.

David is part of the upcoming Highway 62 Artist Open Studio Tour. The tour covers two weekends in October, October 14 -15 and October 21 –22 2017. “We do the art tour because we enjoy sharing our home studio with our collectors. It is an opportunity to showcase my home studio that I built, along with the stunning desert landscape,” said David.

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For more information on the upcoming Highway 62 Artists Open Studio Tour visit