By Tracy Dietlin

“I’ve been in the hip hop game on a serious chase since the early 2000s,” states Rapper and Promoter, Chris “Tiptoe” Stallone.

Born and raised in Indio, Stallone has been a leader here in the CV in the Rap/Hip Hop genre. He took the time to answer a few questions for our Hip Hop Issue.

CVW: Can you give us a little background on CDs you’ve done?


Stallone: “I’ve had 3 projects total to this date. My first was a group project, Home Invazion Hi Music da Album. Then I dropped The 8th Seed Vol 1, which led to my last completed project, Everybody Hates Chris. I’m currently working on a new project called I Hustled to Get Here, an EP slated to drop this holiday season, Lord willing.”

CVW: I know you’ve been a solid Hip Hop/Rap performer here in the valley for a while, but recently it seems you’re more of a promoter. Can you tell me about the difference between being a promoter and performer?

Stallone: “On the artist side I started getting more involved in the event planning of shows I was involved in, but overall, I’ve done shows here and events dating back to the paraiso days, but about 4 and half years ago I started doing booking and started promoting mainstream artists, most of the times coming out of my own pocket as investor into the events in collaboration with Sol Sports night club/mi lindo sinaloa coachella enterprises LLC. The difference in being promoter than the artist is you have all the responsibility to make sure the show goes smooth after getting the word out to the masses. So as a promoter under Indio Sport Ent., I was able to branch off into promoting businesses as well as shows, events, grand openings, etc.”

CVW: You have a Halloween show coming up. Let’s talk about that.

Stallone: “Yes, we are at The Hood in Palm Desert October 18th. I’ll be one of the hosts as well as rocking the mic. It’s featuring other dope local artists also featuring C Dubb from northern CA. This event is powered by Matty v and Chris. I hope everyone can make it out and bring a costume lol.”

CVW: How has the CV changed over the years with the Hip Hop genre?

Stallone: “I think over the years we have a lot more artist here of all ages trying out this music game…with the internet and programs making it easier to become a rapper and be an artist. So now we have a good saturation of talented artists that all have the same thing in common, and that’s learning the ins and outs of the music game. There used to be a handful of us now there are artist all over the CV.”

CVW: What would you do to make the hip hop scene better?

Stallone: “Just keep providing different types of platforms for artist here to get exposure opportunities and to be seen and heard.”

CVW: Who have been your major influences?

Stallone: “My kids have catapulted into being my main influence today cuz I do a lot of this to provide for them. Also, everyone in the game that has showed me how to brand myself and things attached to what I’m involved in.”

CVW: What do you want to say to the CV music community?

Stallone: “To the music heads in CV… keep grindin and stay prepared. Learn the music game and support the supporters #swish.”

Upcoming Show: The Hood Bar & Pizza on October 18 Halloween Show

$10 Presale at: or $15 at the door.

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