By Crystal Harrell

Even though a global pandemic has put a damper on large scale celebrations and festive gatherings, this gives you all the more reason to treat yourself with delicious baked goods and pastries as the holiday season approaches. One local Coachella Valley business has made it a priority to make delectably fresh cookies that are both affordable and beautifully decorated. Whether you are commemorating an anniversary, birthday, or simply want a sweet pick-me-up, Cookies are Baking is a desert-based company that brings remarkable designs to the table, making your dessert a colorful work of art.

Cookies are Baking was first established during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, and its owner, Eva Ibarra, had only just been baking a year prior before expanding her reach throughout the entire Coachella Valley.

“Cookies are Baking was never planned as a family business. We would only bake as a family for our own personal events. After a lot of positive feedback and encouragement from different people, we decided to share our hobby with our community,” stated Ibarra.


Cookies are Baking specializes in custom-made sugar cookies, providing an assortment of festive designs that are perfect for seasonal holidays or themed parties. Current fall favorites for customers are peach-shaped cookies with bright orange icing. The business has also expanded its services to provide cakesicles, chocolate-covered strawberries, and breakable chocolate hearts.

Ibarra is a stay-at-home mother in addition to running her blossoming baking business. Her husband and children have shown their support for her dreams and aspirations since the very beginning. Although balancing home life with her work can be chaotic at times, Ibarra has found a way to balance both facets of her life so that she manages to get her orders completed but still has time to spend with her family. She has fallen into the habit of baking her desserts at night and decorating during the day.

In due time, Ibarra hopes to expand Cookies are Baking even more, but for now, she is happy with just having the ability to bring joy to other peoples’ day with her creations.

“The smiles on the clients faces and their reactions when they finally receive their order is the best part of running my own business. I also love the bonding experiences that Cookies are Baking has created together with my family,” shared Ibarra.

Cookies are Baking takes custom orders on availability and a deposit is required with orders. To place an order or for more information on pricing, you can reach out to Ibarra on Instagram @cookiesarebaking or Facebook at Cookies are Baking.

“I am extremely happy and surprised by all the positive support I have received in such a small amount of time from my community,” said Ibarra.