By Tracy Dietlin

It’s hard to believe that we are actually celebrating our 5 years in print with this week’s issue. It seems like just a year ago I was out talking to people about the new publication I was starting, with my mock paper in hand, with BB Ingle on the cover.

As the Owner, Publisher, Editor, Sales Manager, Office Manager and Special Events Coordinator of CV Weekly, I must say that it is both exhausting and exhilarating, grueling and gratifying, putting out a publication week after week. What has made this possible is the amazing team that I have working alongside of me. With that said, I would like to thank everyone that has been involved with this paper from the beginning, but please indulge me while I give some personal shout outs.

While I usually save him for last, this time I will talk about him first. My partner in crime Phil Lacombe, who refers to himself as #2 at CV Weekly, is the best partner I could ask for. He is the Distribution Manager, Club Crawler Editor, and our Social Media guru, that makes sure everyone online and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other platform out there knows about CV Weekly. #Phacy

Next I would like to give serious accolades to Robert “Chance” Rickert, my Art Director, and #3 at CV Weekly. This guy, week after week, for the last 3 years, consistently comes up with these brilliant covers that set us apart from other publications in the valley. He also has to deal with me and Phil every week so for that he deserves an award. Not only does he do the covers, build ads, update the website weekly, and layout the paper with me, but he assists in editing, and always with a calm demeanor no matter what is going on around us. He’s simply the best!


William Westley has been with us from the beginning, driving over 2 hours every week out to LA to pick up the paper from our printer and then help Phil deliver it to all of our locations. Thank you Billy, for never letting us down in 5 years, even when you were in a head on collision. Now that’s dedication!

Lisa Morgan has held many positions since the inception of the paper including Sales Manager, PR guru and Music Writer. She has been a constant support of CV Weekly in every way possible and our appreciation for her contribution is immense.

There are several writers that have been my core team since day one, and have stood alongside of me since the beginning that I have serious gratitude for. They are:  Robin Simmons, Heidi Simmons, Rick Riozza, Janet McAfee, Bronwyn Ison, Dale Gribow, Haddon Libby, Craig Michaels, Raymond Bill, Eleni P. Austin and Lola Rossi. Joining us along the way: Bruce Cathcart, Noe Gutierrez, Esther Sanchez, Sunny Simon, Patte Purcell, Jack St. Clair, Dr. Peter Kadile, Dr. Maria Lombardo, Rebecca Pikus, Angela Romeo,  Flint Wheeler, Sunny Simon, Sam DiGiovanna, Rob Brezny, DeeJae Cox, Rich Henrich, Judith Salkin, Denise Ortuno Neil, Jenny Wallis, Janet Newcomb, Ben Crowson, Morgan James, Avery Wood and Jason Hall.

 I also want to thank all the photographers who have contributed over the last 5 years on a regular basis: Chris Miller, Laura Hunt Little, Scott Pam, Steven Young, Lani Garfield, George Duchannes, Esther Sanchez, Monica Morones and Dane Andrews.

Without this amazing team, CV Weekly would not have grown into the publication it is today. With that said I must also thank all of our advertisers, many of which have also been with us from day one, and of course, YOU, the readers for picking us up week after week. Cheers! Here’s to another year.

CV Weekly will be celebrating our big 5 Year Anniversary at a party at Big Rock Pub on Thursday, April 13 from 5:30-11:00pm. Bands slated to perform are: Lisa Lynn Morgan, Courtney Chambers, Hannah Mills, Eevaan Tre and 5th Town. This is a free show. We look forward to seeing as many of our team, advertisers, partners, readers and friends there!

Other upcoming CV Weekly dates to save:

Saturday, April 8 – CV Music Showcase Finals at The Hood Bar & Pizza 8:00pm

Sunday, June 4 – CV Music Awards at The Riviera in Palm Springs. 3:30-5:00 Pre-party / 5:30-9:00 Main Awards Show / 9:30-midnight VIP Afterparty

Thursday, Sept. 28 – CV Weekly’s Top 12 Men & Top 12 Women Charity Event

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