By DeAnn Lubell

Featuring Local High and Low Desert Artists

Alexis Hunter is a successful artist, writer and jewelry designer specializing in one-of-a-kind statement necklaces. Celebrities such as Liv Tyler, Steven Tyler, Gail O’Grady, Ruta Lee, Shari Belafonte, Kaye Ballard, Joanna Cassidy and Jonelle Allen own her designs.

I gave Alexis’s custom jewelry to friends and family during the holiday season last year and were a home run hit with all of them. I have purchased many pieces for myself.  Her unusual bracelets and necklaces are unique, stylish, and fun.  The quality for the price is a very attractive addition.


Alexis has written a memoir about her relationship with 60s blonde bombshell sex symbol Joi Lansing called A Body to Die for: A Love Story.

This is a must-read book for romantics. It chronicles the brief four-year union of Joi Lansing and Alexis Hunter.  It brilliantly relays their tender love story that unfortunately ended in tragedy.   Lansing died of breast cancer at the young age of 43.  This book also serves as a warning about the dangers of silicone injections.  Most importantly, the reader is immersed in the journey of how these two met as friends and evolved as lovers.  It delves into their Hollywood life.  Lansing had been in the entertainment industry since the age of fourteen and as an adult, she was featured as a blond bombshell – a siren on the screen and on stage in Las Vegas.  Four years before her death, Lansing meets 21-year-old Alexis Hunter, a wide-eyed want-to-be actress.  It was quite a remarkable tale of innocent and compassionate love for the two of them.  The black and white photos included in the book are stunning of both Lansing and Hunter.  I highly recommend this “hard to put down” read that will soon be a limited series on one of the major streaming services.  You can purchase the book on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.  Hunter lives in Palm Springs with her Shih Tzu Sam and Chihuahua Fifi.

DeAnn Lubell is a publicist, writer, novelist, photographer, artist, and event planner.  Lubell has written for several publications including The Desert Sun, The Palm Springs Life Magazine, and others.  Her published works include a novelette Nightmare Island; educational books for Little Folk Visuals; historical novel The Last Moon has won five national awards and three international awards including a gold medal first place for historical fiction from Reader’s Favorites and the first-place winner in the category of history at the 2016 Amsterdam Book Festival.  Her landscape photography and art images can be viewed and purchased on   She is a publicist for nonprofits, including her own, Amy’s Purpose at