By Bronwyn Ison

Living Well and healthy is the precise amenity Dr. Nicole Ortiz, ND is providing in our Coachella Valley. Recognized as one of the top 25 Most Influential Woman in the Valley, Ortiz strives for the greatest in every aspect of her life. Her entrepreneurial spirit, since childhood, afforded her the drive and ambition to embark on a journey becoming a co-founder to the Live Well Clinic in La Quinta.

Born in Janesville, Wisconsin, Dr. Ortiz had aspirations of attending college as a young girl. The aspiring young entrepreneur began making jewelry and painting murals hence, saving the funds for college. At 15-years-old, Ortiz took an interest in the medical and health field. Her first hands-on experience was caring for two girls with cerebral palsy, plus sharing swimming lessons with handicapped children providing them personal training. This was an enormous amount of responsibility as a child. Yet, Ortiz had drive and determination.

After taking time with Dr. Ortiz the following is what we gleaned…


What made you choose medicine/alternative remedies? My chosen path came from a culmination of several experiences throughout my life.  As young as 8-years-old I recall playing doctor at my Busia’s (grandmother in Polish) house.  I would take out all her herbs and vitamins and dispense them to my dolls as my patients.  I remember loving the smell of vitamins and herbs.  My parents instilled healthy living principles of which I still embrace today and impart on my patients.  I jogged with my dad regularly since the fourth grade.  Movement has always been a part of my health practice. I encourage the same for my patients.  I was taught fast food was garbage and I recall eating it on a very rare occasion as a child.  I am so thankful that my parents didn’t let me nourish my body with junk disguised as food when my body was growing. I grew up with what I now know is a serious food allergy that caused me to be ill most of my childhood with stomach aches, asthma, anxiety and debilitating fatigue. I was always frustrated. We met with doctors and specialist and they only looked at a particular condition and never put the pieces together.  I always aspired to grow up to be an integrative doctor who actually looked at the person as a whole and not parts or diagnoses.  One the most significant experiences I conducted while researching in Ecuador was studying the diverse healing practices within the country.  I learned that medicine is so much more than the latest technological advance or fancy pill.  Healing truly comes when one addresses the body mind and spiritual components of illness.  I always gravitated toward a natural less toxic form of medicine because it just seemed to make common sense.

What is your most defining moment in career/life? The most significant realizations are that opportunity and success does not come without taking a leap of faith.  The more I stretch my limits, connect with my community and remain open to possibility, the more I manifest my dreams. What I know about my career is that I will never stop learning more, diversifying my practice, and growing as a physician and a person.

What are your greatest achievements? Personally, my greatest achievement is learning that I don’t have to be perfect to let someone love me.  As for professional achievement I was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Palm Springs life and distinguished woman of the year for the 42nd assembly district this year. This was pretty cool!  I have also been featured in Suzanne Sommer’s book, “Knockout,” and on The American Health Journal PBS specials.

What is your active role in community/charities? Vice-president of Women Leaders Forum and founder of the Young Women Leaders One-to-One professional Mentoring Program, where senior girls valley-wide are matched with a WLF member in their career field of interest. Over 100 K was raised for the YWL program scholarship awardees.  I also serve Auxillary Shelter from the Storm board, and American Heart Association Visionary Council.

How do you balance family? Always a constant challenge!  For me, always remembering that life is not a promise forever and so I live my life loving as much as possible, not waiting until tomorrow to be with those who are most important to me.

What are your hobbies and or fun fact about you that nobody knows? I love to paint, lived in Ecuador, oldest of 6 children, danced samba.

Dr. Ortiz’s future plans are to serve in a greater capacity and reach more people other than the Coachella Valley.  I want to utilize my passion for natural solutions to cardiovascular health and pain management to influence the health of America through publications, public speaking and most excitingly virtual medicine.

We appreciate your dedication to our community. It is such a pleasure to write about a colleague in the field of healthy living. Congratulations Dr. Ortiz!

Bronwyn Ison, Owner of Evolve Yoga. For more information:
(760) 564-YOGA (9642)

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