By Denise Ortuno

If you’re looking for a twist on traditional dishes and some new innovative ones, than UniQue Bite Eatery in North Indio is a must.

Since opening in December 2017, UniQue Bite Eatery in North Indio has experienced rave reviews, and has accumulated a loyal following of those craving their twisted, tasty comfort food. Elaine and George Nashed started UniQue Bite Eatery after realizing that they had a knack for…well, creating some seriously delicious unique bites. They had been preparing the same dishes that they now serve in their popular restaurant for years for their family, and one day decided to share the flavors with the masses, and the masses are ecstatic that they did.

The response about the Nashed’s restaurant has been over the top positive, “The feedback is amazing! It is not at all like fast food and people are excited about it!” said Elaine. Her reference to their recipes not being like fast food, is highlighted by the fact that all of their food is scratch made, in house, something that the Nashed’s take extreme pride in (try their fresh made house potato chips). Coupled by the fact that their restaurant is microwave free, something that many restaurants would not be able to admit.


Their convenient neighborhood location is inviting to locals and visitors alike, and it is very kid friendly. Open for lunch and dinner, the menu at UniQue Bite Eatery lives up to its name by adhering to a creative voice, without boundaries.  Dishes such as Spaghetti, get a bit of twist with the addition of Feta Cheese, and even Bacon and Chicken. It’s reminiscent of getting creative in our own kitchen and coming up with something that is slightly out of the box and saying, “Oh wait, this is really good,” except the Nashed’s took it several steps further and made a restaurant out of it. Awesome!

One of their top sellers is their Creamy Chicken and Creamy Rice dish. The recipe is dairy based, smooth and without over powering flavors, allowing for the creaminess to shine through. The rice’s creaminess is attributed by the fact that it is cooked in milk instead of water. Another crowd pleaser is the UniQue’s Philly, with kicked up special spices, cheese and grilled onions and peppers. Other dishes include sandwiches such as the Spicy Sausage Sandwich (house-made, casing free sausage with grilled onions, bell peppers, mayo and mustard), Burgers (including a Classic Burger, Blue Burger and Lamb Burger), and Shrimp Burrito (shrimp, bell peppers, onions, garlic, fresh cilantro, rice, mayo and  melted cheese in a flour tortilla) as well as others.

The Nashed’s paid special attention to the kids section of the menu at UniQue Bite Eatery. One kid’s favorite is the Quesadilla, as they can have their name engraved on the tortilla. Other kid faves include Chicken Strips, Mini Burger’s, and Butterfly Grilled Cheese (with strawberries’ and pretzel sticks), plus many more.

For dessert, make sure to try their homemade Cake Balls with Ice Cream, or their other desserts. But only if you’ve finished your meal first of course.

UniQue Bite Eatery brings the best of twisting up traditional favorites, and creating new ones. All with an inviting, comfort food neighborhood vide.

UniQue Bite Eatery is located at 82900 Ave 42, Indio Ca 92203