By Morgan James

The lights dim, the stage is set, audience hushed. An enigmatic, booming voice announces his love for the Coachella Valley and enthusiastically thanks all of the performers and fans who have come for the show. Over the last year I have watched Abel Lujan put together shows for local artists to perform on stage in a multitude of genres, being fortunate to be a part of these shows as a performer and as a soundperson. What always impresses me about Abel is his passion for what he does. Under the name Epoch Momentous, Abel has created a series of events featuring usually ten to twenty, or more, performers in a single night that range from hip hop to jazz, rock to show tunes. An artist himself, I spoke with Abel to find out what inspires him and what his goals are.

I asked him what does Epoch Momentous mean for the Coachella Valley.

“Some might say that the Epoch Momentous is the Coachella Valley,” declares Abel. “With our roots right here from where these wind mills spin, our ideals, ambitions, and essences are as much a part of this valley as the sun and sand. We are The Epoch Momentous; a brand representing resilience, self-mastery and honor, exemplifying these traits through our events, music, and ethics.”


I wanted to know what his mission is with this movement.

“My mission is to be a dream catcher,” Abel wistfully states. “Growing up in this valley hasn’t been a breeze. I’ve seen both sides of the track and have experienced the loss of people dear to me through violence and drugs. This principle of being a beacon for those who are lost and yearn for opportunity through expression is very close to my heart. We want to bring hope and encouragement to young people fighting to actualize a dream through extending our arms and events to them, embracing and empowering local talent.”

I asked him what inspired this movement, and if he considered it a movement or a project.

“This is the embodiment of an actual lucid dream that came to me in 2008. Without going into detail, the name, the philosophy, and logo are all the result of a vision coming to pass through a deep desire to be of service to a world in need of dreamers. The Epoch Momentous is its name sake, a period of time that will be both earth shattering and monumental.”

He shared with me what inspired him to get involved in the music community in the Coachella Valley.

“Emceeing is near and dear to me, so my passion with music has been a long drawn affair, initiating with the first group I was part of, The 8th Day,” Abel responds. “Next, it was in my involvement with a local favorite, Macroscopic, which impacted me greatly in my love for hip hop, performances and events. Currently, I go by the Book of Abel, and though I don’t perform as often as I’d like, emceeing is part of me and fused into my personal culture. I’ve helped build the frontier of the hip hop scene in the Coachella Valley and my early imprint still resonates in the hills of this desert,” Adding his reflection on what lies in the future, Abel continues. “If there’s anything I’d like for people to take away from this, it’s this: The Epoch Momentous is a vision that will reach far beyond the borders of our beautiful desert, maintaining its love and loyalty for this place we call home. However, within each and every attendee, supporter, sponsor, performer etc., lays the fuel that will propel our efforts to become what we are intended to become, a force to the world, bringing hope, music, and ideals through the personification of our brand. We love you guys – and we’ll see you at the show.”