By Denise Ortuno

For a fun and flavorful Frozen Yogurt experience that will make you want to twirl in delight, it’s got to be Swirlyz in Palm Desert.

Can Frozen Yogurt make you want to twirl? Well sure it can, especially if you load it up with a multitude of sugary toppings, but even if you don’t, there’s something about watching yogurt ooze out of a machine in a swirly fashion that actually can make you want to do a jig. It could also be the slice of Americana that Swirlyz serves up that makes you feel like you’ve been sprinkled with a touch of whimsy.

Located in the Palms to Pines Plaza in the heart of Palm Desert, Swirlyz is run by the Marshall family and has been swirling to the pleasure of their customers for well over three years. The spot is prime, right across from the Westfield Shopping Center. The Palms to Pines shopping center has been a staple in Palm Desert for well over 45 years. I actually grew up around the center, as my parents had a restaurant there during the eighties. I recall playing with my childhood friend in the back allies behind McDonalds, watching the tipsy patrons stumble out of the original Village Lounge, and sneaking into the movie theater when no one was watching. It was way before cell phones and what not, so we had to be creative, and it was a blast!


Swirlyz has a tasty spectrum of Fro-yo flavors, from Strawberry Tart, to Espresso. Hunter Marshall, who helped guide through the shop, shared that one of their best sellers is the Sea Salt Caramel, and after tasting it, I could understand why. It was smooth, sweet, and just a tad bit salty, excellent! Other flavors include Orange Creamsicle (which is super refreshing), Coconut and Peanut Butter Cup, among others.

Of course, a Fro-yo experience would not be complete without some joyful toppings, and Swirlyz certainly has that department covered with everything from fresh fruit, candies, and even Strawberry or Mango Boba. You can enjoy all these goodies at a moderate weight price of only fifty three cents an ounce, which is a great deal!

Swirlyz is a fun and delicious way to take the edge off of the desert summer heat, or anytime throughout the year, and might even make you twirl in Fro-yo bliss.

Swirlyz is located at 72-795 Hwy 111 G3, Palm Desert 92260