There is a lot of fodder out there, along with confusing and conflicting information about Keto on “Google Coach.  It’s frustrating!  You’ve heard so many success stories about Keto.  You know people who have had success. You may have tried it and felt it didn’t work for you.  Or, you are doing research to see if it’s a fit. Or, you may be seriously thinking about starting the diet but not sure when or how. This is a great time of year to give Keto a serious look whether you want to start now so you don’t gain during the “Eating Season” of the holidays or you are planning ahead for the first of January.  

Compelling Reasons to Give Keto a Serious Look.

Set aside what you’ve seen online and read this article which is based on research, training and over 4 years as a respected Keto Coach and someone who has lived the lifestyle. First and foremost, the Keto diet is well-respected in so many areas of health/medicine and is finally losing its “fad diet” status. If you are considering the Keto diet here’s a primer on the top health benefits of the diet.  It’s vast – with benefits from weight loss to reduced appetite to reduced inflammation to improved heart and brain health to lower glucose, the keto diet is far more than a lose-weight-quick diet. In fact, it’s more of a lifestyle change.


You can leverage the keto lifestyle and it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Look what Keto could have in store for you to get beyond “feeling stuck and “frustrated”.  You can reach your goals for health and well-being and don’t have to settle.

  1. Fast Weight Loss in a Healthy Way

Keto and weight loss have become synonymous. They go together like hand in glove. With keto, weight loss is real and effective for one simple reason: it helps people convert from a carb-burning diet to a fat-burning diet. When you eat a diet high in carbs expect bloating, weight gain, and poor health. On the other hand, a high-fat, moderate-protein, and very low carb diet takes away your hunger, allows you to eat until you’re comfortably full and here’s the best part “it burns fat from your body” along with the foods you eat for fuel.  Yes, you read that right. It burns your body fat, and you lose inches not just weight!   The best part? You don’t have to starve yourself to get there, and you eat your fill of delicious and satisfying foods.

  1. Reduced Appetite

Imagine not feeling those food crashes and carb cravings. That’s the keto life. You eat, then you’re satisfied…for a long time! Once your body has settled into the diet, it works more efficiently, burning the fats in your food and your body and you avoid the wild ride that is the highs and lows of a carb/sugar diet. Without the sugar peaks and crashes, cravings disappear, and you feel satisfied and energized.

  1. 3. Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural immune response to help heal and fight infection. But too much inflammation causes pain, joint stiffness, swelling, fatigue, bloating, headaches and more. When you’re on a keto diet, and regularly in a state of ketosis, your body uses the ketones as a strong anti-inflammatory chemical.  You’ll start feeling the difference with 5-7 days.  It will seem like a miracle, but I’ve seen it hundreds of times!  This is worth giving the diet a try and you’ll discover how much better you can feel…and lose weight!

In addition to ketones, the keto diet promotes the consumption of anti-inflammatory foods, such as eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, and other foods high in omega-3s, etc.

  1. Diabetes & Blood Sugar Control

Since you eliminate sugar and most carbohydrates on a keto diet, it’s not hard to understand why it’s great for blood-sugar control. The less sugar and carbs you eat, the less sugar in your bloodstream. Therefore, after starting a keto diet, most people will notice a decrease in their blood sugar almost immediately. In fact, the effects are so immediate, it’s recommended that diabetics work with their doctor so they can adjust their medication as needed.

  1. Heart Health

The term “heart health” conjures images of little heart icon that appears on whole grains and cereals and promotes carbs/low-fat foods. But, in fact, a diet low in carbohydrates and higher in fats has been shown to drastically improve the biomarkers associated with heart disease.

  1. 6. Brain Health

The brain loves keto just as much as the heart. The Keto diet has begun to be studied as complementary intervention for various neurological disorders. And while many scientists within the neurological field state that the brain prefers glucose over ketones, the brain does over time (with age) lose its ability to efficiently fuel itself with glucose alone. This is where ketones come into play.

Ketones have been shown to increase mitochondrial efficiency and production, which helps to protect brain cells from strokes and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s which is now being called Type 3 Diabetes based on new research.

  1. Migraines

Give Keto a try for migraines.  Many migraine sufferers on the keto diet have reported a significant decrease in migraines, including, in some cases, becoming migraine free!

Bottom line: the ketogenic diet has significant health benefits in a variety of areas, from metabolic health to heart and brain health, and more. As studies continue and more is understood about the body’s reaction to the ketogenic diet and how it can be leveraged for a variety of wellness initiatives, there will surely be more discoveries of the benefits of the high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb ketogenic lifestyle. It changed my life dramatically.  I was pre-diabetic, 40 pounds overweight and had no energy along with daily headaches, migraines, Gerd, plantar fasciitis etc.  Keto put me on a path to finding a healthy version of myself again that I didn’t think was possible.  It saved my life!

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