We’re asking for your help in selecting the name for one of the female African wild dog puppies born January 18! Voting is open to the public and is available through Thursday, May 14 at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TheLivingDesert . The winning name is set to be announced on Friday, May 15, in honor of Endangered Species Day.

In an effort to continue sharing the important conservation efforts behind saving this endangered species, the selection of names come from a list of African National Parks. At one time, it was estimated African wild dogs roamed in large numbers in 39 countries across Africa; however, today, the species has likely been eliminated from as many as 20 of those countries.

You’re invited to cast your vote for one of the following names:

Bwindi – BWIN-dee (Bwindi National Park, Uganda)


Karoo – KUH-ru (Karoo National Park, South Africa)

Kalahari – KAL-uh-har-ee (Kalahari National Park, South Africa)

Go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TheLivingDesert to cast your vote.

Name your own African Wild Dog puppy!

Seven of the puppies have been named by generous donors and there are three left to name. So far, the puppies are named: Kruger, Marcus, Zambezi, Moremi, Etosha, Okavango, and Serengeti. 

If you would like to name a puppy, please contact ACrabb@LivingDesert.org or call 760-340-4954.

Adopt an African wild dog!

Become a proud parent of your very own puppy. Your symbolic adoption helps support the zoo’s extraordinary animal care. Adoption makes a great gift too for birthdays, Mother’s Day or graduation! Any animal at the zoo may be adopted. Learn more at https://www.livingdesert.org/support/adoption-programs.